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Perception: Renting mats is more convenient than owning mats.
Fact: The service intervals for mat rental ranges from weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Based on need, most facilities have a contractor or their own staff clean their mats daily.

Perception: One mat type and one size fits all applications.
Fact: Mat rental programs offer small sizes that are not big enough to be effective, sometimes requiring multiple mats which causes safety issues. A truly effective mat program includes Scraper mats, Scraper/Wiper mats, Wiper Mats.

Perception: Rental mats stop dirt and moisture.
Fact: Over a brief period of time, the nylon face fiber on a rental mat crushes flat allowing dirt to track into the building. The construction of a rental mat, when saturated, allows water to flow off the mat and create a safety hazard. High performance mats have a permanent bi-level face to eliminate crushing, create a "door filter", and provide years of performance life. Also, the water dam border contains dirt and moisture on the mat.
See below Rental mat on left VS WaterHog mat on right.

Perception: Rental mats are always delivered clean and attractive.
Fact: The age of a rental mat may range from new to 8-10 years old. The quality and appearance may vary considerable from one service interval to the next. Mats that are in disrepair may cause safety hazards and an inconsistent appearance negatively affects the facility's image.

See below not so Clean Rental mat on left & not so New Rental mat on right.

Perception: All rental mats are changed and cleaned regularly.
Fact: Most outside scraper mats, anti-fatigue mats, and kitchen mats on a rental program are not changed at all. It is left up to the facility to take care of the mat themselves while still paying a rental charge.

Perception: Rental mats are environmentally friendly.
Fact: Rental mats require fuel for pickup and delivery, energy for washing and drying, and add chemicals to the waste water. Not only are High Performance mats constructed of recycled materials, they also perform for 5-10 years.

Perception: Renting mats is economical.
Fact: Rental mats are VERY expensive as a long term matting option. At an average of $.20 per square foot per week, a single 3'x5' rental mat costs a facility $780 over a 5 year period. In contrast, a purchased 3'x5' High Performance mat costs the facility approximately $100.