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GetFit StandUp™ Mats

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Short description
GetFit StandUp™ Mats are the must have stylish Anti-fatigue mat for your Stand-up Desk. In order to provide maximum comfort while standing long hours they are manufactured with 5/8” thick closed cell nitrile blended cushion. Your choice of six stylish colors of polypropylene fabric top. The perfect fashionable Anti-Fatigue mats.

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100% solution-dyed polyproplene top surface 5/8” thick closed cell nitrile blended cushion. Borders are Beveled will not curl or crack. Ideal fashionable Anti-Fatigue mat for standing desks and other standing work areas.

GetFit StandUpTM Mat Product Number 4443 Anti-Fatigue mats (polypropylene fabric top);

Overall Mat Thickness: 3/4 inch (0.75”)

Surface Type: Needle-punched polypropylene

Weight: 14 ounces/square yard

Cushion Type: Closed-cell nitrile rubber foam

Thickness: 0.625 inches   Density: 5.5 - 7.5 lbs/ft3 

Water Absorption: ASTM D 1667 (0.01 lb/ft2 maximum) 

Flammability: FMVSS302-0 burn (pass) Temperature Use: ASTM D 1056 o Cold Crack: -20˚ F o High : 200˚ F intermittent exposure

Backing Type: Nitrile rubber  Thickness: 0.040 inches  Durometer: 65  Tensile: 1,100 PSI Testing  Passes flammability standard DOC-FF-1-70 

Passes AATCC test method 134-1991 electrostatic propensity of carpets  ASTM static coefficient of friction: o Dry: 0.71 o Wet: 0.70