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Hog Heaven Confetti 7/8in

HOG HEAVEN 7/8in anti-fatigue mats are the ideal mat options for any standing application if you need the thickest level of cushioning. Running as the thickest of the Hog Heaven mats with .75in of PVC cushioning and the same nitrile rubber surface as all Hog Heavens. This mat can also be used in wet and dry areas. Availabe in solid black mat, or with a Yellow striped border.

  • Earth-friendly 95% recycled post-consumer rubber car tire top surface
  • Closed-cell cushion backing provides long-lasting comfort without breaking down
  • Beveled edges and curved corners create a safer transition from mat to floor
  • Welding safe
  • Available in two thicknesses: 5/8” and 7/8”
  • Static dissipative construction makes these mats ideal for industrial, commercial, retail, hospitality, and health care applications

Overall Mat Thickness:5/8"

Type: 95% Post Consumer Recycled Rubber
Thickness: .150”
Durometer: 65
Tensil: 1000 PSI

Type: Nitrile Closed Cell Cushion
Density: 5.5 to 7.5 lbx/ft3
Water Absorption: ASTM D 1667- .01 lb/sq ft maximum
Temperature Use: ASTM D 1056- Cold Crack: -20 degrees F High: 200 Degrees intermittent exposure

o UV Stable
o PassesFlammabilityStandardDOC-FF-1-70
o Passes ATTCC Test method 134-1996 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets: Maximum Voltage Negative 0.7 KV
o ASTM C1028-96 Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry - .92 Wet = .86
o Certified Slip Resistant by The National Floor Safety Institute

  • Durable comfort in an attractive environmentally friendly recycled construction.
  • Outstanding Anti-Fatigue qualities
  • WeldingSafe
  • Cushion is permanently bonded to the rubber top and will not delaminate like mats with glued on cushion.
  • Textured surface for superior slip resistance.
  • 100% recycled post consumer rubber car tire top surface.
  • Not recommended for use in areas that are exposed to grease, oils or petroleum based solvents.
  • Beveled edges and curved corners create a safer transition from mat to floor
  • Hog Heaven Confetti is available in 2 thicknesses, 5/8” and 7/8” o Sizes: 2’x 3’ 3’ x 5’ 3 x 12’
  • Custom lengths up to 67’.
  • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Recommended for use in most commercial, retail, hospitality, and healthcare applications.

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