Size Quantity/Price Each
12 to 1011 to 2526+
2ft x 3ft (23in x 35in) $233.00 $157.00 $135.00 $130.00
3ft x 4ft (35in x 45in) $270.00 $247.00 $216.00 $211.00
3ft x 5ft (35in x 58in) $306.00 $274.00 $243.00 $238.00
3ft x 6ft (35in x 69in) $385.00 $355.00 $330.00 $323.00
3ft x 8ft (35in x 96in) $463.00 $436.00 $418.00 $409.00
3ft x 10ft (35in x 116in) $514.00 $495.00 $450.00 $445.00
3ft x 12ft (35in x 142in) $603.00 $562.00 $531.00 $517.00
3ft x 16ft (35in x 189in) $879.00 $828.00 $783.00 $769.00
3ft x 20ft (35in x 235in) $1,041.00 $985.00 $940.00 $918.00
4ft x 4ft (45in x 45in) $284.00 $284.00 $261.00 $252.00
4ft x 6ft (45in x 69in) $433.00 $409.00 $369.00 $364.00
4ft x 8ft (45in x 97in) $514.00 $486.00 $459.00 $450.00
4ft x 10ft (45in x 116in) $654.00 $639.00 $585.00 $580.00
4ft x 12ft (45in x 143in) $773.00 $724.00 $688.00 $675.00
4ft x 14ft (45in x 167in) $926.00 $875.00 $832.00 $817.00
4ft x 16ft (45in x 189in) $1,079.00 $1,026.00 $976.00 $958.00
4ft x 20ft (45in x 236in) $1,279.00 $1,224.00 $1,170.00 $1,143.00
6ft x 6ft (71in x 70in) $573.00 $553.00 $531.00 $517.00
6ft x 8ft (70in x 95in) $773.00 $729.00 $688.00 $675.00
6ft x 10ft (68in x 119in) $956.00 $922.00 $886.00 $864.00
6ft x 12ft (70in x 142in) $1,083.00 $1,030.00 $976.00 $954.00
6ft x 16ft (70in x 189in) $1,440.00 $1,386.00 $1,323.00 $1,291.00
6ft x 18ft (70in x 215in) $1,581.00 $1,525.00 $1,458.00 $1,424.00
6ft x 20ft (70in x 235in) $1,721.00 $1,665.00 $1,593.00 $1,557.00

WaterHog Legacy Inlay Logo Floor Mat


  • 01 For Mats 6 ft. wide use the color chart below.01 For Mats 6 ft. wide use the color chart below.
  • Aquamarine 63-LAquamarine 63-L
  • Bluestone 58 LBluestone 58 L
  • Bordeaux 60-LBordeaux 60-L
  • Camel 50-LCamel 50-L
  • Charcoal 54-LCharcoal 54-L
  • Dark Brown 52-LDark Brown 52-L
  • Evergreen 59-LEvergreen 59-L
  • Gold 64-LGold 64-L
  • Light Green 53-LLight Green 53-L
  • Medium Blue 56-LMedium Blue 56-L
  • Medium Brown 51-LMedium Brown 51-L
  • Medium Grey 57-LMedium Grey 57-L
  • Navy 61-LNavy 61-L
  • Orange 67-LOrange 67-L
  • Purple 68-LPurple 68-L
  • Red Black 55-LRed Black 55-L
  • Solid Red 65-LSolid Red 65-L
  • White 62-LWhite 62-L
  • Yellow 66-LYellow 66-L
  • 1. For Mats Smaller than 6 ft. wide use the color chart above.1. For Mats Smaller than 6 ft. wide use the color chart above.
  • 6 ft. Bluestone L-586 ft. Bluestone L-58
  • 6 ft. Bordeaux L-606 ft. Bordeaux L-60
  • 6 ft. Camel L-506 ft. Camel L-50
  • 6 ft. Charcoal L-546 ft. Charcoal L-54
  • 6 ft. Dark Brown L-526 ft. Dark Brown L-52
  • 6 ft. Evergreen L-596 ft. Evergreen L-59
  • 6 ft. Medium Blue L-566 ft. Medium Blue L-56
  • 6 ft. Medium Brown L-516 ft. Medium Brown L-51
  • 6 ft. Medium Grey L-576 ft. Medium Grey L-57
  • 6 ft. Navy L-616 ft. Navy L-61
  • 6 ft. Red Black L-556 ft. Red Black L-55
  • Landscape (horizontal)Landscape (horizontal)
  • Portrait (vertical)Portrait (vertical)
  • Clear

    WaterHog Legacy Inlay Custom Logo Floor Mats

    WaterHog Legacy Inlay custom logo floor mats give you the features of the WaterHog Classic Inlay custom logo door mats with a more modern geometric background pattern. They feature a razor-sharp precision inlay of your logo in a world famous WaterHog Legacy floor mat. To create the perfect inlay logo, we stack all the layers of color materials needed from our 19 colors choices to complete your custom logo, and then with a precision laser cut all the pieces at the same time insuring the precise fit. The custom logo is then bonded to the SBR rubber backing making it one of the best eco-friendly custom-made floor mats for stopping dirt and moisture from entering your building.

    Waterhog Legacy Inlay custom logo mats are made with a solution-dyed polypropylene carpet they are stain and UV resistant. This makes them a perfect choice for cover outdoor areas where you get direct sunlight and need to use personalize floor mats.

    Just like all WaterHog Mats, the raised geometric design bi-level walking surface effectively collects sand, dust, and snow from shoes, trapping it below foot traffic to greatly reduce tracking. The famous “Water Dam” Classic and Fashion borders help trap moisture keeping it off your floors (WaterHog mats can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard).

    WaterHog Legacy Inlay Logo Floor Mat
    Material: Solution-dyed polypropylene
    Weight: 24 ounces/yard2
    Construction: Needle-punched
    Design: Hexagon

    Material: SBR rubber – smooth or universal cleated
    Thickness: 78-mil (body thickness 78-mil; border thickness 143-mil)

    OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: 3/8 inch (0.3750″)


    Passes DOC-FF1-70 for the surface flammability of carpets

    For the best results, utilize the following cleaning method to clean your WaterHog Legacy Inlay mat:

    Vacuum regularly (daily in high-traffic commercial areas; weekly in lower traffic areas).
    Extract clean to remove heavy soil/debris. Hang mat to dry.
    Always make sure the mat is dry before placing it back in service.

    • High Traffic Areas!
    • Stain and UV Resistant!
    • Ideal for Indoor/Covered Outdoor (scraper/wiper) !
    • Modern Geometric Background Pattern!
    Mat Size

    2ft x 3ft (23in x 35in), 3ft x 4ft (35in x 45in), 3ft x 5ft (35in x 58in), 3ft x 6ft (35in x 69in), 3ft x 8ft (35in x 96in), 3ft x 10ft (35in x 116in), 3ft x 12ft (35in x 142in), 3ft x 16ft (35in x 189in), 3ft x 20ft (35in x 235in), 4ft x 4ft (45in x 45in), 4ft x 6ft (45in x 69in), 4ft x 8ft (45in x 97in), 4ft x 10ft (45in x 116in), 4ft x 12ft (45in x 143in), 4ft x 14ft (45in x 167in), 4ft x 16ft (45in x 189in), 4ft x 20ft (45in x 236in), 6ft x 6ft (71in x 70in), 6ft x 8ft (70in x 95in), 6ft x 10ft (68in x 119in), 6ft x 12ft (70in x 142in), 6ft x 16ft (70in x 189in), 6ft x 18ft (70in x 215in), 6ft x 20ft (70in x 235in)

    Background Color

    01 For Mats 6 ft. wide use the color chart below., Aquamarine 63-L, Bluestone 58 L, Bordeaux 60-L, Camel 50-L, Charcoal 54-L, Dark Brown 52-L, Evergreen 59-L, Gold 64-L, Light Green 53-L, Medium Blue 56-L, Medium Brown 51-L, Medium Grey 57-L, Navy 61-L, Orange 67-L, Purple 68-L, Red Black 55-L, Solid Red 65-L, White 62-L, Yellow 66-L

    Select 6 Ft. wide mats colors Here.

    1. For Mats Smaller than 6 ft. wide use the color chart above., 6 ft. Bluestone L-58, 6 ft. Bordeaux L-60, 6 ft. Camel L-50, 6 ft. Charcoal L-54, 6 ft. Dark Brown L-52, 6 ft. Evergreen L-59, 6 ft. Medium Blue L-56, 6 ft. Medium Brown L-51, 6 ft. Medium Grey L-57, 6 ft. Navy L-61, 6 ft. Red Black L-55


    Landscape (horizontal), Portrait (vertical)


    Cleated (on carpet), Smooth (on hard flooring)


    Classic Rubber border, Fashion fabric border

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