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Anti Fatigue Mats - Ultimate Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Ultimate Mats has the perfect anti fatigue mats for the workplace and home. If you’re currently looking at the benefits of investing in quality floor mats, consider your options in our inventory. We carry mats manufactured by the most trusted names in anti-fatigue mats, including GetFit StandUp, Hog Heaven, and Ortho 1.

Mats For the Workplace

Studies continue to boast of the benefits anti fatigue mats bring to the workspace. If you’re looking for an affordable investment that will bring significant changes to your corporation, take a look at the ROI you’ll experience from our mats:

  • You’ll see an increase in productivity when your workers are valued enough to improve their comfort level. Anti-fatigue mats make a big difference in concentration levels and reduce accidents.
  • Anti-fatigue mats don’t merely prevent employees from getting overtired when standing on their feet while working; they do an excellent job of reducing the risk of slipping on multi-surfaces throughout the workplace.
  • Human Resources offices in various locations using anti-fatigue mats can attest to the fact that mats lead to fewer days taken off by employees- and fewer complaints of injuries while standing.
  • Shop our inventory of high-quality mats for all areas of the workplace. Our Hog Heaven mats come in a variety of lengths and widths, with striped border options that increase visibility.
  • If your office employees have requested a stand-up desk environment, you can make them comfortable with a GetFit StandUp mat that provides maximum comfort, even when standing for long hours. GetFit StandUp mats are beveled at the edges and will not curl up or crack.

Mats For the Home

If you spend a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen, workshop, garage, or another area in your home, an anti-fatigue mat can make life more enjoyable. Spend more time working on your favorite hobbies and less time rubbing down sore feet with pain cream.

Studies have shown there are definite health benefits to avoiding being idle during the day, however, standing for long periods of time on a hard surface can be consequential. We carry one of the largest online selections of Ortho1 mats in a range of length options- perfect for an industrial or home kitchen atmosphere. Ortho 1 mats have been called “the softest, most comfortable mats on the planet” and we tend to agree with customer reviews. You’ll find out Ortho 1 anti-fatigue mats to be ergonomically designed for superior slip resistance and serious comfort while standing.

Browse Our Inventory

Click the ‘Anti Fatigue Mats’ link on our homepage to browse our complete collection of standard and custom size mats for every environment. If you have questions about a product, we’re just a phone call away. As with all of our products, our anti-fatigue mats come with our industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee with fast, friendly service, free samples, online resources, and more. Give us a call and see why we are the most trusted industrial and home mat company in the world.

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Anti Fatigue Mats Anti Fatigue Mats
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