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Anti Fatigue Matting - Ultimate Mats

Anti Fatigue Matting

Anti Fatigue Matting

If you've ever worked in an industry that had you standing on your feet all day, you surely understand the monumental importance of anti-fatigue matting in the workplace. Everyone from kitchen workers to auto mechanics to cashiers can benefit from having high quality floor matting underfoot.

Any employee who stands on their feet for a protracted period is prone to experience fatigue. Those who are involved in industrial operations where standing on concrete is the norm may use 20 percent more energy than any of their at-a-desk counterparts, explains EHS Today. Fatigue can set in a mere ninety minutes after a work shift begins. When this happens, employee productivity tends to go down right along with company morale.

Anti-fatigue matting offers numerous benefits in any workplace, including but not limited to:

1. Augmented Workplace Productivity

Anti-fatigue matting reduces leg and back soreness and stiffness and may help to boost mental concentration levels, too. When employees are better able to focus on the task at hand, workplace accidents are diminished and productivity soars. Try quality mats in your workplace for a month to see for yourself the positive effect of matting designed to reduce fatigue.

2. Improved Posture

High quality anti-fatigue matting made of durable nitrile synthetic rubber reduces stress on joints and muscles while facilitating blood circulation throughout the body. This may help to lessen employee risk for circulatory issues. Rubber mats naturally encourage the standing body to make small adjustments to improve posture and comfort.

3. Fewer employee Headaches

Even though your head and neck don't come in contact with nitrile rubber anti-fatigue matting, they benefit mightily by its presence. Rubber matting eases shoulder and neck tension in a major way. Put anti-fatigue matting in place for a week, and you're sure to notice that fewer aspirin are being consumed in the employee break room.

4. Surer footing

Anti-fatigue matting effectively abates Slips-and-fall accidents and injuries with ribbed surfaces. Foot pressure from vertical weight is alleviated, as well, when you install anti-fatigue mats in the workplace.

Study proves benefit of anti-fatigue matting

Academic types at England’s Loughborough University recently studied the impact of floor surfaces on workers who stand for extended time periods. The flooring study comprised 14 participants who each stood on a concrete floor or an anti-fatigue mat for 90 minutes every day for a period of five consecutive days. Researchers employed a variety of techniques to evaluate tiredness, fatigue and pain associated with long-term standing. Published in EHS Today in 2012, results of the study confirm that anti-fatigue matting does indeed benefit workers and may actually prevent the occurrence of numerous health concerns.

Not only do anti-fatigue mats go a long way toward employee comfort and productivity, but they also look nice, too. For additional info, please call Ultimate Mats at +1-866-374-3756.

Anti Fatigue Matting
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Anti Fatigue Matting Anti Fatigue Matting
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