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Entry Mats

Entry Mats

If you are like most people, you don't spend much (or any) time thinking about your entry mats. Whether they are mats that you own or the countless door mats that you step on during the course of a typical day, entry mats are just some of those things that nobody ever seems to notice.

Unless they are missing. If you approach a commercial building and there's no kind of entry mat in place, you may start to wonder what's wrong. Are they not welcoming you to visit their space? Do they not mind if your shoes are dirty? When your unconscious mind expects a doormat at an entrance, and no mat can be seen, it can be unexpectedly troubling.

As if that were not enough reason to provide entry mats, here are five more you may or may not have already considered:

Five ways entry mats add value

1. Good first impression

When someone approaches your building and sees a clean entryway, it gives a good impression of what they might find inside. Entry mats that reduce tracked-in dirt go a long way toward promoting your company's good reputation. A beautiful entry mat with your company logo can add a little excitement to any visitor's day.

2. Improved indoor air quality

When people walk into a space that boasts no entry mat, they track in all sorts of things, including chemicals, dirt, soot, pesticides and other pollutants that happen to be on their shoes at the time. A ten-foot long floor mat system offers a significant reduction in tracked-in particles. 30 linear feet will serve even better because it will catch a maximum amount of shoe-borne particulates.

3. Safety

A working entry mat system can reduce slip-and-fall accidents in a big way. When you have aggressive doormats at every entry, visitors bring less moisture, mud, and debris into your building. Cleaner shoe bottoms translate into a remarkable reduction in accidents and injury. Of course, you'll want the best quality mat you can afford. Curled edges or sliding of inferior entry mats can cause troubles of their own.

4. Protect valuable interior floors

Granite, terrazzo, hardwood, and marble are all popular office flooring options that are protected by doorway entry mat products. Entry mats reduce or eliminate shoe-borne particulates, including sand that can do serious damage to pricey flooring. Whether people purposefully scrape their soles on mats or merely walk across them, entry mats do a big service by protecting the surface of your interior floors.

5. Less interior maintenance required

Studies show that at least 80 percent of interior dirt and debris is tracked in on shoes. Install a proper amount of linear matting, and you can reduce the majority of moisture, dirt, mud, snow, slush, and pollutants that are brought into your building via foot traffic. The more entry mats in place, the less work is required of your janitorial and maintenance staff.

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