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Ortho Mats

What are Ortho Mats and Why do You Need Them

If you found us while you were searching the Internet for comfortable floor mats for your office building, you've certainly come to the right place. Welcome to the online home of Ultimate Mats. Here you may browse a splendid selection of top-of-the-line Ortho mats and other anti-fatigue flooring and custom entry mat options to suit every purpose and budget.

Ergonomically designed Ortho mats provide superior slip resistance along with ultra handsome looks. Comfort mat products from Ultimate Mats come highly recommended by numerous chiropractors, physicians and orthopedists, and no flooring mat products have a reputation that's better than the one enjoyed by Ortho mats made by Pro-Tech Industries. Always soft and never brittle, Ortho runners and mats actually reduce spinal compression and body fatigue for those who are on their feet for many hours every day.

Ortho Mat Features and Benefits

  • Nitrile synthetic rubber cleans easily with soap and water
  • Medically endorsed floor mats increase circulation and reduce leg and knee fatigue
  • Doctor approved to ameliorate back fatigue and soreness
  • Workmanship is guaranteed for a period of two years
  • Closed-cell mat construction will not absorb fluids or liquids
  • Mats can be steam-cleaned for super sanitation
  • Not affected by petroleum products or animal grease
  • Certified non-slip by the prestigious National Flooring Institute
  • Antimicrobial treatment is built right into all Ortho floor mat products
  • Hypoallergenic construction for employee health
  • Latex and silicone free
  • Custom shapes are available

Why use Ortho mats?

Employees who stand for long periods of time are bound to feel fatigue. Persons who work on concrete floors may suffer decreased circulation and other health issues. Not only do Ortho mats contribute to employee comfort, they can actually be of great benefit to company morale. Loughborough University in London recently conducted a study that showed the impact of standing on 14 participants. Some study participants stood on concrete floors, some stood on anti-fatigue mats for ninety minutes every day for almost a week. Researchers discovered that tiredness, pain and fatigue were problems for the concrete standers but not for those who stood upon Ortho mats for the duration of the academic study.

Of course Ortho matting products are not just for areas where workers stand for hours on end. Entry mats offer a good first impression, and they improve indoor air quality, too. Entry mats provide a nice welcome to anyone who approaches your building, and they are very much worth the modest investment to add your company logo or business slogan to your entry mats from Ortho.

In addition to a good first impression and protection of your interior floors, entry mats offer a level of safety before anyone even walks through your door. Door mats prevent most muck and sludge from being tracked in on visitor shoes. In winter months and rainy climes, this feature alone is worth the investment in Ortho mats for every doorway in your structure.

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