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WaterHog Mats Buyers Guide

General Entrance Mat Considerations

The following are general questions you should take into consideration before purchasing entrance mats. Once you have the answers to these concerns for your business, youll be better prepared to purchase mats that fit your needs and uses.

Style, Size, And Shape

Mats are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes and designs. Designs and styles cover a wide variety of fabric patterns. Some people stick to the basics and use a classic square pattern, others use a more striking diamond pattern on their mats. Other choices include waves and patterns that mimic window glass designs.

Shape and size is another area you have to take into consideration. If a mat is too small or large it wont be as effective. Shapes cover the traditional rectangular mats, ovals, and half ovals. The style you choose should not only be the correct size but also one that fits with your businesss visual design and decorative themes. Lastly, youll want to consider other practical design options such as rubber edges and rubber backings which help protect against moisture.

A Way To Make A Good First Impression

A stylish entrance mat can be a very effective part of your businesss marketing plan. An entrance mat immediately draws the eyes of visitors as most people look down as they wipe their feet. When looking at a high quality entrance mat, visitors get a first impression of your business. The overall style of the mat can tie into the overall decoration theme of your business setting the overall tone of their visit. A well placed logo serves as an easy visual reminder of your brand name and also gives your visitors a visual means of association. Plus, an entrance mat shows you care about the safety of your customers and you practice a high level of professionalism.

Water/Moisture And Safety Concerns

One of the key challenges youll face when selecting entrance mats is how theyll fit in with your environment. Every business is different and what your mats are exposed to may vary grately from business to business. If your entrance lacks cover, then your mats will be exposed to greater amounts of sunlight and rain. In this situation, youll want to consider a mat thats water resistant and not prone to mold or rotting. This isnt just a matter of appearance, its also a safety concern. A mat not designed to handle rain or snow is unsafe and can cause your visitors to trip or fall. In colder locations, ice can develop which can be very hazardous. Above all you want to keep your visitors safe, which prevents injuries and associated legal ramifications. If a visitor is injured, not only could their be legal issues, but this could also heavily damage your reputation in the community.

WaterHog Mats

WaterHog mats are some of the most popular entrance mats in the market today. Here is a brief overview which helps explain their popularity and why they are so well regarded in the industry.

What is a WaterHog Mat?

WaterHog mats have become a very popular brand name for entrance mats and are widely available for purchase. They are known for their durability, toughness, and ease of cleaning. They bring the strength of an industrial mat together with modern and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Why WaterHog Mats?

When it comes to entrance mats youre going to want something that lasts and something that is safe. Many businesses place their entrance mats outdoors and in direct contact with weather elements. Unless your entrance is covered or protected from the weather, youre going to need a tough mat that can handle rain, snow, and sunlight. WaterHog mats are specially designed to be rugged and handle the elements.

Features And Benefits

WaterHog mats offer many benefits to their buyers. Their main selling point is their resistance to water. Their rubber edges help keep water and dirt safely contained on the mat itself and if its a particularly wet day, you dont have to worry about water and mud being tracked in by visitors. WaterHog mats can also absorb a great amount of water, up to 1.5 gallons of liquid per square yard. WaterHog mats are also highly versatile. You can use them both indoors and out. Cleated backings are available for mats used on carpets and the smooth backing is ideal for outdoor mats and hard indoor surfaces. Lastly, WaterHog mats are available in a wide variety of designs from basic to elegant.

Maintenance And Cleaning

WaterHog mats are surprisingly easy to clean and require tools you likely already have for carpet cleaning. Simple debris is easily removed by shaking the mat out and running it over with a vacuum. For light soiling, the mat should be sprayed down with a water hose and hung until dry. More heavy soiling may require more heavy duty treatment, such as a wet/dry vacuum, followed by hanging until dry. Dirt can also be removed with a pressure washer and hang drying as needed.

Entry Mats for Your Business

As you can see, entry mats are an important part of any business. They not only serve the basic function of letting your visitors wipe their feet, but also serve to increase safety, promote cleanliness, impart professionalism, and market your brand. WaterHog mats in particular help with moisture and are a rugged and dependable choice with a wide range of options to fit any business. When selecting an entrance mat, WaterHog mats from Ultimate Mats come highly recommended.