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Anti-fatigue mats have been shown to relieve the stresses on the bodies of workers, thereby preserving their health and increasing their alertness and productivity. The thick, specially-formed cushioning on anti-fatigue mats force workers to make subtle adjustments to their posture, which increases blood flow through the body and helps reduce fatigue buildup. Not surprisingly, anti-fatigue mats have a greater impact in industries where workers tend to stand for long periods of time.

Here are a dozen occupations where the presence of anti-fatigue mats are essential to superior job performance.

  1. Grocery checkers or retail clerks. These people stand in a 15-square foot space for sometimes hours at a time. Putting an anti-fatigue mat under their feet will help them remain in good spirits so they remain friendly.

  2. Assembly line workers. Whether its a person working an expensive machine, or people checking products for defects on conveyor belts, this type of work can be incredibly fatiguing, especially if workers are standing on a concrete floor.

  3. Security guards. These people are supposed to be the first line of defense between your business and theft or mayhem. If they're standing for eight hours a day on a hard floor, they wont be in much condition to keep your business very secure.

  4. Cooks. Its easy to forget about these people since they're stuck away in the back preparing food. But if cooks get fatigued, the chances of slip-and-fall accidents increase. What if they instinctively reach out for a hot grill when they start to lose their balance?

  5. Dishwashers. These individuals are generally even more invisible than cooks. But they could be handling plates, flatware, and other breakable items, and if they are fatigued, they might be costing you lots of money if they drop a few items.

  6. Cafeteria workers. They wear hairnets and gloves to protect customers from food contamination. But they would appreciate anti-fatigue mats to protect themselves from aches and pains of standing on a food line all day long.

  7. Bartenders. Though this profession is often viewed as being exciting, it involves being on your feet during all hours of the day and night. If bartenders are less fatigued, then they'll be able to serve more customers (and earn better tips!).

  8. Hair stylists. Salon and cosmetology workers are counted upon by customers to make them look good. This becomes more difficult if the hair stylist doesn't feel good. Make sure every workstation has an anti-fatigue mat.

  9. Mail room workers. These low-paid (or intern) workers can usually be found standing over a mail counter putting letters into boxes. You can reduce annoying mail room mistakes by providing these workers with anti-fatigue mats.

  10. Bank tellers. They handle large amounts of money every shift and have to stand at a small window all day long. Anti-fatigue mats can help bank tellers stay on top of their game because even a minor error can result in major monetary losses.

Make sure that your business is operating as well as it can by putting anti-fatigue mats in strategic places. For more information on purchasing anti-fatigue mats for your company, contact Ultimate Mats today!