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Tag: Door Mats

What is the Best Material for Door Mats

Aside from being a welcome invitation to enter an establishment, door mats actually have a really important job. Scraping dirt, debris, and excess moisture from foot traffic entering a home or business, a door mat effectively eliminates potential hazards from making their way to the interior floor space. In fact, 90% of dirt that is tracked into a business comes from the shoes of the patrons that enter upon...

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How to Keep Door Mats from Sliding

As a business owner, you know you must do your part to protect not only the integrity of your store, but the safety of your patrons. Not only are you required by law to take certain precautions to ensure your customers and employees are safe, but you also accept the responsibility of ensuring your guests are well cared for and can safely enter, conduct business, and exit your store...

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