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Why and When You Should Use Mats

The use of indoor door mats and outdoor door mats is essential for responsible business owners and employers. Proper floor matting not only reduces risk of slip and fall accidents, it assists in keeping the interior floors of a business clean and tidy, and also provides a great way to add decorative flair to the interior of your store. While some may consider the use of mats optional, it’s...

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Are WaterHog Mats Safe for Hardwood Floors?

f you have beautiful hardwood flooring in your space, you know you would go to practically any length to keep them protected.  As such, you also know that some of the most ruinous things you can expose your hardwood flooring to are excess moisture and incorrect rug backings. There’s a trap here; a dangerous place into which hardwood flooring owners can fall if they are not careful.  You want to protect...

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