Comfort Impressions Logo Anti-Fatigue Mats


Size Quantity/Price Each
12 to 1011 to 2526+
2ft x 3ft (22in x 32in) $150.00 $112.00 $90.00 $75.00
2ft x 6ft (22in x72in) $320.00 $240.00 $192.00 $160.00
  • Photographic-quality Printing – Logos, Images and Designs are digitally printed making fine details, shading, and 3D images achievable
  • All Day Comfort – High-density, open cell polyurethane foam helps eliminate pressure to the lower back and legs, providing superior comfort
  • Easy to Clean – Simply sweep off or shake off larger particles then use a damp cloth to wipe off  the Comfort Impressions mat’s PVC-free polyurethane synthetic leather surface and air dry as needed.
  • Features 5/8″ thick polyurethane foam cushion with a synthetic leather surface
  • Largest Color palette-  150 Color Options.

** PLEASE NOTE: An artist’s proof of the logo floor mat will be emailed to you for approval before production.

  • ComFort Imp-A1ComFort Imp-A1
  • ComFort Imp-A2ComFort Imp-A2
  • ComFort Imp-A3ComFort Imp-A3
  • ComFort Imp-A4ComFort Imp-A4
  • ComFort Imp-A5ComFort Imp-A5
  • ComFort Imp-A6ComFort Imp-A6
  • ComFort Imp-A7ComFort Imp-A7
  • ComFort Imp-A8ComFort Imp-A8
  • ComFort Imp-A9ComFort Imp-A9
  • ComFort Imp-A10ComFort Imp-A10
  • ComFort Imp-B1ComFort Imp-B1
  • ComFort Imp-B2ComFort Imp-B2
  • ComFort Imp-B3ComFort Imp-B3
  • ComFort Imp-B4ComFort Imp-B4
  • ComFort Imp-B5ComFort Imp-B5
  • ComFort Imp-B6ComFort Imp-B6
  • ComFort Imp-B7ComFort Imp-B7
  • ComFort Imp-B8ComFort Imp-B8
  • ComFort Imp-B9ComFort Imp-B9
  • ComFort Imp-B10ComFort Imp-B10
  • ComFort Imp-C1ComFort Imp-C1
  • ComFort Imp-C2ComFort Imp-C2
  • ComFort Imp-C3ComFort Imp-C3
  • ComFort Imp-C4ComFort Imp-C4
  • ComFort Imp-C5ComFort Imp-C5
  • ComFort Imp-C6ComFort Imp-C6
  • ComFort Imp-C7ComFort Imp-C7
  • ComFort Imp-C8ComFort Imp-C8
  • ComFort Imp-C9ComFort Imp-C9
  • ComFort Imp-C10ComFort Imp-C10
  • ComFort Imp-D1ComFort Imp-D1
  • ComFort Imp-D2ComFort Imp-D2
  • ComFort Imp-D3ComFort Imp-D3
  • ComFort Imp-D4ComFort Imp-D4
  • ComFort Imp-D5ComFort Imp-D5
  • ComFort Imp-D6ComFort Imp-D6
  • ComFort Imp-D7ComFort Imp-D7
  • ComFort Imp-D8ComFort Imp-D8
  • ComFort Imp-D9ComFort Imp-D9
  • ComFort Imp-D10ComFort Imp-D10
  • ComFort Imp-E1ComFort Imp-E1
  • ComFort Imp-E2ComFort Imp-E2
  • ComFort Imp-E3ComFort Imp-E3
  • ComFort Imp-E4ComFort Imp-E4
  • ComFort Imp-E5ComFort Imp-E5
  • ComFort Imp-E6ComFort Imp-E6
  • ComFort Imp-E7ComFort Imp-E7
  • ComFort Imp-E8ComFort Imp-E8
  • ComFort Imp-E9ComFort Imp-E9
  • ComFort Imp-E10ComFort Imp-E10
  • ComFort Imp-F1ComFort Imp-F1
  • ComFort Imp-F2ComFort Imp-F2
  • ComFort Imp-F3ComFort Imp-F3
  • ComFort Imp-F4ComFort Imp-F4
  • ComFort Imp-F5ComFort Imp-F5
  • ComFort Imp-F6ComFort Imp-F6
  • ComFort Imp-F7ComFort Imp-F7
  • ComFort Imp-F8ComFort Imp-F8
  • ComFort Imp-F9ComFort Imp-F9
  • ComFort Imp-F10ComFort Imp-F10
  • ComFort Imp-G1ComFort Imp-G1
  • ComFort Imp-G2ComFort Imp-G2
  • ComFort Imp-G3ComFort Imp-G3
  • ComFort Imp-G4ComFort Imp-G4
  • ComFort Imp-G5ComFort Imp-G5
  • ComFort Imp-G6ComFort Imp-G6
  • ComFort Imp-G7ComFort Imp-G7
  • ComFort Imp-G8ComFort Imp-G8
  • ComFort Imp-G9ComFort Imp-G9
  • ComFort Imp-G10ComFort Imp-G10
  • ComFort Imp-H1ComFort Imp-H1
  • ComFort Imp-H2ComFort Imp-H2
  • ComFort Imp-H3ComFort Imp-H3
  • ComFort Imp-H4ComFort Imp-H4
  • ComFort Imp-H5ComFort Imp-H5
  • ComFort Imp-H6ComFort Imp-H6
  • ComFort Imp-H7ComFort Imp-H7
  • ComFort Imp-H8ComFort Imp-H8
  • ComFort Imp-H9ComFort Imp-H9
  • ComFort Imp-H10ComFort Imp-H10
  • ComFort Imp-I1ComFort Imp-I1
  • ComFort Imp-I2ComFort Imp-I2
  • ComFort Imp-I3ComFort Imp-I3
  • ComFort Imp-I4ComFort Imp-I4
  • ComFort Imp-I5ComFort Imp-I5
  • ComFort Imp-I6ComFort Imp-I6
  • ComFort Imp-I7ComFort Imp-I7
  • ComFort Imp-I8ComFort Imp-I8
  • ComFort Imp-I9ComFort Imp-I9
  • ComFort Imp-I10ComFort Imp-I10
  • ComFort Imp-J1ComFort Imp-J1
  • ComFort Imp-J2ComFort Imp-J2
  • ComFort Imp-J3ComFort Imp-J3
  • ComFort Imp-J4ComFort Imp-J4
  • ComFort Imp-J5ComFort Imp-J5
  • ComFort Imp-J6ComFort Imp-J6
  • ComFort Imp-J7ComFort Imp-J7
  • ComFort Imp-J8ComFort Imp-J8
  • ComFort Imp-J9ComFort Imp-J9
  • ComFort Imp-J10ComFort Imp-J10
  • ComFort Imp-K1ComFort Imp-K1
  • ComFort Imp-K2ComFort Imp-K2
  • ComFort Imp-K3ComFort Imp-K3
  • ComFort Imp-K4ComFort Imp-K4
  • ComFort Imp-K5ComFort Imp-K5
  • ComFort Imp-K6ComFort Imp-K6
  • ComFort Imp-K7ComFort Imp-K7
  • ComFort Imp-K8ComFort Imp-K8
  • ComFort Imp-K9ComFort Imp-K9
  • ComFort Imp-K10ComFort Imp-K10
  • ComFort Imp-L1ComFort Imp-L1
  • ComFort Imp-L2ComFort Imp-L2
  • ComFort Imp-L3ComFort Imp-L3
  • ComFort Imp-L4ComFort Imp-L4
  • ComFort Imp-L5ComFort Imp-L5
  • ComFort Imp-L6ComFort Imp-L6
  • ComFort Imp-L7ComFort Imp-L7
  • ComFort Imp-L8ComFort Imp-L8
  • ComFort Imp-L9ComFort Imp-L9
  • ComFort Imp-L10ComFort Imp-L10
  • ComFort Imp-M1ComFort Imp-M1
  • ComFort Imp-M2ComFort Imp-M2
  • ComFort Imp-M3ComFort Imp-M3
  • ComFort Imp-M4ComFort Imp-M4
  • ComFort Imp-M5ComFort Imp-M5
  • ComFort Imp-M6ComFort Imp-M6
  • ComFort Imp-M7ComFort Imp-M7
  • ComFort Imp-M8ComFort Imp-M8
  • ComFort Imp-M9ComFort Imp-M9
  • ComFort Imp-M10ComFort Imp-M10
  • ComFort Imp-N1ComFort Imp-N1
  • ComFort Imp-N2ComFort Imp-N2
  • ComFort Imp-N3ComFort Imp-N3
  • ComFort Imp-N4ComFort Imp-N4
  • ComFort Imp-N5ComFort Imp-N5
  • ComFort Imp-N6ComFort Imp-N6
  • ComFort Imp-N7ComFort Imp-N7
  • ComFort Imp-N8ComFort Imp-N8
  • ComFort Imp-N9ComFort Imp-N9
  • ComFort Imp-N10ComFort Imp-N10
  • ComFort Imp-O1ComFort Imp-O1
  • ComFort Imp-O2ComFort Imp-O2
  • ComFort Imp-O3ComFort Imp-O3
  • ComFort Imp-O4ComFort Imp-O4
  • ComFort Imp-O5ComFort Imp-O5
  • ComFort Imp-O6ComFort Imp-O6
  • ComFort Imp-O7ComFort Imp-O7
  • ComFort Imp-O8ComFort Imp-O8
  • ComFort Imp-O9ComFort Imp-O9
  • ComFort Imp-O10ComFort Imp-O10
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    Comfort Impressions Logo Anti-Fatigue Mats promote your company’s banding with digitally printed custom logo, image or artwork on a PVC-free polyurethane synthetic leather surface, while providing your employs or customers all-day cushioning with the exceptional anti-fatigue properties.

    Comfort Impressions mats delivers a Photographic-quality Print using full-color digital printing process to capture fine details, shading and 3D effects directly on the anti-fatigue mat’s surface.

    The 5/8″ thick, PVC-free, open-cell, durable polyurethane foam construction offers all-day comfort and relief when standing for long periods which leads to increased productivity and higher levels of worker satisfaction.

    The Comfort Impressions textured, leather-like surface provides enhanced traction while remaining easy to clean.


    Logo/Image Material:  PVC-free polyurethane synthetic leather


    Material: High density, open cell polyurethane foam

    OVERALL MAT THICKNESS:  5/8 inch (0.6250″)


    • Passes flammability standard BS-4790 Metal Nut Method
    • ASTM E303 British Pendulum Test



    Minimum Text Height: 1/8″ (includes lower case text)

    Minimum Line Thickness: 1/16″

    The text requirements are for general use, however, special fonts are very thin letter forms may need to be made larger or thicker and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

    White is prone to discolor and cannot be used as the background or any part of the imprint area. The products color palette offers three light colors to use in place of white: F5, N9 and N10.  The background color of the imprint area should not be set to these ight colors. It is difficult to keep the logo clean through the manufacturing process.

    Mat Size                               Max Print Area                     Logo Safe Area

    2′ x 3′ (21.75″ x 31.75″)           21.75″ x 31.75″                          17″ x 27″

    2′ x 6′ (21.75″ x 71.75″)           21.75″ x 71.75″                          17″ x 67″

    The background area is full bleed for colors and patterns, but main logo/text should fall within the Logo Safe area.  


    PMS colors are not available for this style of mat. 

    • All Day Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat
    • Photographic-quality Printing
    • Promote your company’s banding
    • Easy to Clean
    • 150 Color Options
    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A
    Mat Size

    2ft x 3ft (22in x 32in), 2ft x 6ft (22in x72in)

    Background Color

    ComFort Imp-A1, ComFort Imp-A2, ComFort Imp-A3, ComFort Imp-A4, ComFort Imp-A5, ComFort Imp-A6, ComFort Imp-A7, ComFort Imp-A8, ComFort Imp-A9, ComFort Imp-A10, ComFort Imp-B1, ComFort Imp-B2, ComFort Imp-B3, ComFort Imp-B4, ComFort Imp-B5, ComFort Imp-B6, ComFort Imp-B7, ComFort Imp-B8, ComFort Imp-B9, ComFort Imp-B10, ComFort Imp-C1, ComFort Imp-C2, ComFort Imp-C3, ComFort Imp-C4, ComFort Imp-C5, ComFort Imp-C6, ComFort Imp-C7, ComFort Imp-C8, ComFort Imp-C9, ComFort Imp-C10, ComFort Imp-D1, ComFort Imp-D2, ComFort Imp-D3, ComFort Imp-D4, ComFort Imp-D5, ComFort Imp-D6, ComFort Imp-D7, ComFort Imp-D8, ComFort Imp-D9, ComFort Imp-D10, ComFort Imp-E1, ComFort Imp-E2, ComFort Imp-E3, ComFort Imp-E4, ComFort Imp-E5, ComFort Imp-E6, ComFort Imp-E7, ComFort Imp-E8, ComFort Imp-E9, ComFort Imp-E10, ComFort Imp-F1, ComFort Imp-F2, ComFort Imp-F3, ComFort Imp-F4, ComFort Imp-F5, ComFort Imp-F6, ComFort Imp-F7, ComFort Imp-F8, ComFort Imp-F9, ComFort Imp-F10, ComFort Imp-G1, ComFort Imp-G2, ComFort Imp-G3, ComFort Imp-G4, ComFort Imp-G5, ComFort Imp-G6, ComFort Imp-G7, ComFort Imp-G8, ComFort Imp-G9, ComFort Imp-G10, ComFort Imp-H1, ComFort Imp-H2, ComFort Imp-H3, ComFort Imp-H4, ComFort Imp-H5, ComFort Imp-H6, ComFort Imp-H7, ComFort Imp-H8, ComFort Imp-H9, ComFort Imp-H10, ComFort Imp-I1, ComFort Imp-I2, ComFort Imp-I3, ComFort Imp-I4, ComFort Imp-I5, ComFort Imp-I6, ComFort Imp-I7, ComFort Imp-I8, ComFort Imp-I9, ComFort Imp-I10, ComFort Imp-J1, ComFort Imp-J2, ComFort Imp-J3, ComFort Imp-J4, ComFort Imp-J5, ComFort Imp-J6, ComFort Imp-J7, ComFort Imp-J8, ComFort Imp-J9, ComFort Imp-J10, ComFort Imp-K1, ComFort Imp-K2, ComFort Imp-K3, ComFort Imp-K4, ComFort Imp-K5, ComFort Imp-K6, ComFort Imp-K7, ComFort Imp-K8, ComFort Imp-K9, ComFort Imp-K10, ComFort Imp-L1, ComFort Imp-L2, ComFort Imp-L3, ComFort Imp-L4, ComFort Imp-L5, ComFort Imp-L6, ComFort Imp-L7, ComFort Imp-L8, ComFort Imp-L9, ComFort Imp-L10, ComFort Imp-M1, ComFort Imp-M2, ComFort Imp-M3, ComFort Imp-M4, ComFort Imp-M5, ComFort Imp-M6, ComFort Imp-M7, ComFort Imp-M8, ComFort Imp-M9, ComFort Imp-M10, ComFort Imp-N1, ComFort Imp-N2, ComFort Imp-N3, ComFort Imp-N4, ComFort Imp-N5, ComFort Imp-N6, ComFort Imp-N7, ComFort Imp-N8, ComFort Imp-N9, ComFort Imp-N10, ComFort Imp-O1, ComFort Imp-O2, ComFort Imp-O3, ComFort Imp-O4, ComFort Imp-O5, ComFort Imp-O6, ComFort Imp-O7, ComFort Imp-O8, ComFort Imp-O9, ComFort Imp-O10

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