WaterHog Classic Entrance Mat


Size Quantity/Price Each
12 to 1011 to 2526+
18in x 27in $53.00 $43.00 $26.00 $24.00
2ft x 3ft (23in x 35in) $54.00 $48.00 $40.00 $35.00
3ft x 3ft (35in-x-35in) $80.00 $75.00 $63.00 $60.00
3ft x 4ft (35in x 45in) $87.00 $82.00 $68.00 $64.00
3ft x 5ft (35in x 58in) $101.00 $92.00 $85.00 $80.00
3ft x 6ft (35in x 69in) $138.00 $123.00 $116.00 $112.00
3ft x 8ft (35in x 96in) $182.00 $168.00 $155.00 $146.00
3ft x 10ft (35in x 116in) $201.00 $185.00 $171.00 $161.00
3ft x 12ft (35in x 142in) $270.00 $249.00 $230.00 $216.00
3ft x 16ft (35in x 189in) $362.00 $334.00 $308.00 $290.00
3ft x 20ft (35in x 236in) $454.00 $418.00 $386.00 $364.00
4ft x 4ft (45in x 45in) $134.00 $124.00 $114.00 $108.00
4ft x 5ft (45in x 58in) $167.00 $154.00 $142.00 $134.00
4ft x 6ft (45in x 69in) $160.00 $148.00 $136.00 $128.00
4ft x 8ft (45in x 96in) $241.00 $222.00 $205.00 $193.00
4ft x 10ft (45in x 116in) $264.00 $243.00 $225.00 $212.00
4ft x 12ft (45in x 142in) $362.00 $334.00 $308.00 $290.00
4ft x 16ft (45in x 189in) $483.00 $445.00 $411.00 $387.00
4ft x 20ft (45in x 236in) $604.00 $556.00 $514.00 $484.00
6ft x 6ft (70in x 70in) $300.00 $276.00 $255.00 $240.00
6ft x 8ft (70in x 95in) $362.00 $334.00 $308.00 $290.00
6ft X 10ft (70in X 116in) $420.00 $387.00 $357.00 $336.00
6ft x 12ft (70in x 142in) $540.00 $497.00 $459.00 $432.00
6ft x 16ft (70in x 189in) $724.00 $667.00 $616.00 $580.00
6ft x 20ft (70in x 236in) $903.00 $831.00 $768.00 $723.00

WaterHog Logo VMade in USA Blue v

The WaterHog™ Classic Entrance Mat has a World-Famous revolutionary design with a waffle-pattern, so this entry mat easily scrapes off dirt, debris, and moisture without wearing out from foot traffic. Indoors or outdoors, these customized mats are durable and highly customizable with hundreds of color choices and size options.

  • Bluestone-158Bluestone-158
  • Bordeaux-160Bordeaux-160
  • Camel-150Camel-150
  • Charcoal-154Charcoal-154
  • Dark Brown-152Dark Brown-152
  • Evergreen-159Evergreen-159
  • Medium Blue-156Medium Blue-156
  • Medium Brown-151Medium Brown-151
  • Medium Grey-157Medium Grey-157
  • Navy-161Navy-161
  • Red/Black-155Red/Black-155
  • Solid Red-165Solid Red-165
  • Clear

    Mat Colors

    To enlarge color and see name of color place cursor over color / if using phone or tablet hold down on color. 

    *The colors 153-Light Green, 163-Aquamarine, 165-Solid Red, 166-Yellow, are only available on the 3ft and 4ft sizes.

    • 150-Camel
    • 151-Medium Brown
    • 152-Dark Brown
    • 154-Charcoal
    • 155-Red/Black
    • 156-Medium Blue
    • 157-Medium Grey
    • 158-Bluestone
    • 159-Evergreen
    • 160-Bordeaux
    • 161-Navy
    • 165-Solid Red

    WaterHog Logo V
    The WaterHog™ Classic Entrance Mat lives up to its name with a revolutionary design to protect your floors. The polypropylene facing fabric has a waffle-pattern face that easily scrapes off dirt, debris and moisture without getting worn-out due to high traffic loads. Read More

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    Carpet Specification
    Fiber: Eco-Friendly – PET fabric (24 ounces yard2) is made from at least 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic
    Weight: 24 oz. per square yard
    Pattern: Waffle

    SBR rubber with 20% post consumer recycled content
    Body Thickness .78”
    Border Thickness .158”

    Total Mat
    Thickness: 3/8”
    Weight: 131 oz. per square yard

    o Flammability: Exceeds requirements for FF2-70 – standard for surface flammability of small carpets
    o Anti Static: < 1010 OHMS
    o Slip Resistance: Certified by National Floor Safety Institute

    • Heavy-duty Rubber Backing and Reinforced for Longevity and Durability
    • Resistant to Fading, Moisture, and Static
    • Eco-Friendly – PET fabric (24 ounces yard2) is made from at least 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic
    • Rubber Backing made with up to 20% Recycled Content
    Mat Size

    18in x 27in, 2ft x 3ft (23in x 35in), 3ft x 3ft (35in-x-35in), 3ft x 4ft (35in x 45in), 3ft x 5ft (35in x 58in), 3ft x 6ft (35in x 69in), 3ft x 8ft (35in x 96in), 3ft x 10ft (35in x 116in), 3ft x 12ft (35in x 142in), 3ft x 16ft (35in x 189in), 3ft x 20ft (35in x 236in), 4ft x 4ft (45in x 45in), 4ft x 5ft (45in x 58in), 4ft x 6ft (45in x 69in), 4ft x 8ft (45in x 96in), 4ft x 10ft (45in x 116in), 4ft x 12ft (45in x 142in), 4ft x 16ft (45in x 189in), 4ft x 20ft (45in x 236in), 6ft x 6ft (70in x 70in), 6ft x 8ft (70in x 95in), 6ft X 10ft (70in X 116in), 6ft x 12ft (70in x 142in), 6ft x 16ft (70in x 189in), 6ft x 20ft (70in x 236in)


    Bluestone-158, Bordeaux-160, Camel-150, Charcoal-154, Dark Brown-152, Evergreen-159, Medium Blue-156, Medium Brown-151, Medium Grey-157, Navy-161, Red/Black-155, Solid Red-165


    Cleated Backing (on carpet), Smooth Backing (on hard flooring)

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