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Tag: Office Mats

man at a standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat under his feet

Do You Need a Mat for a Standing Desk?

More and more seated workers are turning to standing desks to break up their workdays, experience fewer aches and pains related to sitting all day, and gain increased focus and productivity.  In addition to common, acute symptoms that seated workers experience like shoulder, neck, and lower back pain and soreness, and swelling in the lower extremities, more and more studies are showing that workers that sit all day are...

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Woman standing on an anti-fatigue mat at her desk

Standing Desk Ergonomics

Standing & Desk Ergonomics: Hacking Your Workspace to Stay Comfortable The Sit-Stand Desk Revolution Even if you are a generally healthy person who keeps fit, studies suggest that all the benefits of even daily exercise can be undone by sitting for extended periods of time at work or at home. In fact, sitting for more than 6 hours each day can make you 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart...

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