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WaterHog Mats for schools

School Floor Mats Keep Schools Safe and Clean!

How Quality Commercial Mats Keep Schools Safe and Clean. When it comes to creating a safe and clean environment for students and staff, having the right kind of quality commercial mats in school buildings is essential. Safety First! The top 5 causes of slips and falls according to the CDC are spills, ice, snow, rain and loose mats. The CDC also says the best way to prevent slips and falls from spills,...

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linkable mat in an industrial kitchen

Keeping Your Business as Safe as Possible

Your place of business may seem to be a healthy and safe atmosphere for your workers and customers, but are you sure of that? According the United States Department of Labor, injuries and illnesses in the office are far from uncommon! The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers the latest numbers on their website from 2010 (the latest figures shown). They are as follows: 3,063,400 non fatal injuries and illnesses were recorded933,200...

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