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Tag: Safety Mats

post-it note on a corkboard that reads new year goals

New Year’s Resolutions for Keeping Floors Cleaner and Safer

Okay, how many New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside?  At least three, right? (Four? Five?) Breaking a New Year’s resolution is usually no big deal. But breaking a bone (or sustaining some other injury) in a slip-and-fall accident at a business can have serious consequences. The victim suffers from pain, discomfort, and restricted movement. The business often suffers from lost productivity (if an employee is hurt) or a...

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outdoor deck featuring a safety mat with colorful logo

Can A Safety Mat Also Be Fashion Forward?

Is it possible to have a safety mat that also presents the fashion image you want to project for your business or company? Absolutely yes! Floor mats are being designed today to not only get the job done when it comes to trapping dirt and moisture that is tracked in from outdoors and also prevent slips or spills, but serve to be attractive and welcoming at the same time! At...

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