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Anti-Fatigue Mats

isolated image of an anti-fatigue mat in colbalt blue

What Do I Look for in a Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat?

If you’re tired of sitting at your desk all day, we definitely understand.  Research shows that nearly 70% of us sit at a desk for our work, and yet the majority of us really hate it.  Not only can sitting all day become tiresome and distracting, but it’s also not the healthiest way to spend our days.    Seated work can lead to all sorts of acute health issues.  From low...

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waitress at a bar standing on a Complete-Comfort-IImat

What Makes an Anti-Fatigue Mat Work?

Your standing employees do hard work.  Their feet, legs, low back, and neck work even harder to keep them upright all day.  To keep your employees healthy, safe, and motivated, you strive to provide them with an ergonomically correct workspace.  One of the easiest, most affordable ways to protect your employees from injury associated with standing work is by installing anti-fatigue matting under their workspaces.  Anti-fatigue floor mats create...

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