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A doormat is virtually standard-issue for homes, businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and medical offices. They are so common, in fact, you likely don’t actually notice the doormat when you enter an establishment, but you definitely notice the absence of one. Likewise, it’s strange to enter a home that does not have a doormat outside and/or inside the front door. Aside from providing a place for guests to wipe their dirty shoes, it’s a welcoming gesture. Using a doormat is essential for keeping your establishment clean, well kept, dry, and welcoming. It is important to note that the term “doormats” refers to mats used both outside and inside your door. Sometimes referred to as entry mats, the doormat you use for the interior of your establishment also serves the purpose of protecting the floor immediately inside your entrance from wear and tear from foot traffic and/or luggage, roll-along briefcases, and the like.

Doormat selection is a really low-anxiety activity until you consider all the nuances that come along with selecting one: style, size, colors, messages, slip risk, quality, mold and/or mildew resistance, water retention abilities, custom logo options, high pile or low pile mats, environmentally friendly recycled mats-the list can go on and on. You may not think these considerations are altogether necessary, but according to marketing and safety experts, they absolutely are. Safety and marketing are two huge reasons to use a doormat both outside your entrance and inside your entrance. If for no other reason than adding an aesthetically appealing touch to your entryway, a doormat is absolutely essential. While some businesses may opt to only use doormats during inclement weather, the generally accepted rule of thumb is that a doormat should be used daily, and kept in safe, clean condition to greet guests both as they enter and exit your establishment. Ultimate Mats has been in the commercial matting industry since 2005. As such, we are well versed in all things related to doormat selection, including size determination, safety standards, and mat construction.

We can help you sort through the numerous doormat options available to select a set of interior and exterior doormats that provides safety, beauty, and the option for marketing for your business. No matter what your business or store size, we have a mat that will fit. The first step in determining the type of doormat you should use is to examine a few things about the interior and exterior of your business. When considering an exterior doormat, be sure to determine how much ingress/egress you are afforded onto the sidewalk adjacent to your entryway. That measurement will be important in knowing how large of a doormat you are able to use outside of your store front. Additionally, if you are leasing a space, you will want to check with your leasing agent to ensure there are no covenants or provisions of your lease agreement which would prohibit you from using an exterior doormat on the premises. For interior doormat consideration, there are even more measurements and precautions to consider. Here are five things to consider prior to purchasing a doormat.

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing a Doormat

1. Size and space. While there is no standard safety regulation that governs how large or small an interior or exterior doormat should be, a good rule of thumb is to select a mat that is equal to or greater than 80% of the width of your doorway. The length is really a matter of preference, however it should be long enough that each person that enters your door can make two steps across the mat, thus cleaning both of their shoes before entering upon your store room floor.

2. Interior decor. It’s important your doormat matches your interior décor as much as possible. If you’re rolling your eyes, remember, visual appeal matters when it comes to your business. Experts say that the way you present your business from the moment a consumer enters in can directly affect the way the consumer feels about your services and/or products. In other words, if you really want the chance to wow them with what you’re offering, you’ve got to wow them from the minute they enter the business. Choosing a doormat that has excellent visual appeal and does its job of keeping your floors safe and free from excess moisture and debris can be a challenge. Many “standard” commercial doormats are heavy hitters when it comes to cleaning up, but many of them look about as visually appealing as builder’s beige paint color. Choosing Ultimate Mats to outfit your front entry space takes the burden out of the work. We offer stunning doormats that are not only elegant and complimentary of your décor, they’re hard-working and they keep their visual appeal between light cleanings. This means you won’t have to spend valuable time cleaning your doormat or waste money having it professionally cleaned every time it gets soiled. Our mats conceal dirt and grime for weeks and months at a time, with a few light shaking offs in between.

3. Safety. It’s important to consider safety when purchasing doormat, especially if you are purchasing one for a business. Your doormats, both interior and exterior, should be constructed in a way that allows them to tightly grip the surface of your flooring so that there is little risk of the mat sliding around, which could create a potential hazard. It’s also important to find a mat that can retain moisture on its surface without becoming slick or developing mold or mildew. A high-quality doormat will be able to wick away moisture and dirt from foot traffic and trap it deep beneath the surface of the mat fibers, where it is not a potential hazard to patrons entering and exiting your business. Safety is also important in determining mat thickness; your doormat must not interfere with the opening and closing of the business door.

4. Customization options. We mentioned earlier that using your doormats as a marketing tool was an option, and it’s an option definitely worth considering. Beautiful, custom logo doormats create easy advertisements for your business. When placed outside of your business, you attract the attention of every passerby with a colorfully designed mat that shows off your business name, logo, and/or slogan. You can create brand familiarity simply by placing your logo on your doormat, which is an item you are likely planning to use in your business anyhow. Using a customized doormat inside your store greets your guests with your brand and your business logo, and immediately establishes a connection in their minds between your brand and your product. Your competitors are actively marketing their products in an effort to win over potential clients. Those clients have the need for your services and/or products, and if you are not actively pursuing their business, chances are they will decide upon a competitor simply because they have been exposed to their branding. That branding established a mental connection between their need and the product supplier.

5. Existing flooring. You’ll also need to be attentive to the existing flooring you’ll be placing your doormat on. If you have any type of specialty flooring, such as antiqued hardwood or hardwood tile, you will need to ensure that the backing of your doormat does not have elements that may hurt your flooring. Additionally, if you have a carpeted surface, look for doormats that have a cleated backing that can grip carpet fibers (without harming them) so that your doormat does not slide on the carpet.

Care of a Doormat

Once you have selected doormats for your interior and exterior areas, you will simply need to upkeep them. This can be done fairly simply, provided you have purchased quality matting. Low-end mats will wear out easily, slide around, and show dirt almost immediately. Premium doormats will be able to resist wear and tear, are extremely durable, and rarely show dirt unless they are heavily soiled. When they do become heavily soiled, you can simply shake them off outdoors or, if they are larger, vacuum the loose dirt particles off of the surface. Unless there has been a major spill or stain, you won’t need to deep clean them or have them professionally cleaned. In fact, you can spot treat for stains as needed, and rinse them with a hose occasionally if you’d like. Doormats should be used both outside and inside the entrance to your business.

A safeguard against slips and trips, mats should be a year-round tool that’s not only brought out during inclement weather. Also effective for keeping your store’s floor clean and free from dirt, debris, and water, they’re a great way to add visual appeal and potentially market your business without spending a lot of money or investing a lot of time. Excellent, high quality doormats will rarely need cleaning and are able to retain their aesthetics even when soiled with moisture and dirt. Ultimate Mats can help you find beautiful, durable doormats that fit your space and size perfectly and can be customized to suit your needs, so browse our wide selection today–your perfect mat is waiting for you!



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