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a person standing on a waterhog mat with diamond pattern

WaterHog mats can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. As a store owner, you know one of the worst experiences you can have is water damage of any sort.  Even a brief summer shower can wreak havoc on your storefront if you suffer from improper drainage by the door, or have heavy-traffic areas bringing water and dirt in from the street.  

Something as simple as a collection of umbrellas by the door can lead to water pooling on your flooring and creating a potential slip and fall injury or floor damage.  As such, every responsible store owner makes it their goal to prevent these events from happening.  

At Ultimate Mats, we know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The best way to prevent an influx of water through your doors is by having the correct entryway matting system. More than just a basic floor mat for patrons to pass over while they enter your establishment, an entryway mat should be able to handle the water carried in by foot traffic, umbrellas, minor spills, and the like.  The industry leader in high quality, super absorbent floor mats is WaterHog

For years WaterHog has been the most trusted brand for entryway floor mats.  WaterHog’s patented surface design allows it to hold some serious moisture without leaking onto the surrounding floor, or causing foot traffic to experience a slushy or squishy step when trod upon.  WaterHog doormats are made from a proprietary blend of polypropylene, which is essentially a type of plastic.  This is especially important for purposes of appearance; nothing gives a worse first impression like an entrance mat that looks like it has seen much better days.  

Here are a few reasons why the WaterHog floor mat is effective at containing more water than any other floor mat or boot tray available on the market.

  • Snow, rain, hail, you name it; if it’s wet and coming inside your doors, a WaterHog can soak it up.  WaterHog classic floor mats can retain up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.  That’s a little over a pint per square foot.  If you’ve purchased a WaterHog in the correct size for your space and amount of foot traffic, that’s enough to handle the amount of moisture tracked in by patrons for more than a day of heavy precipitation.  
  • Proprietary water dam.  Every WaterHog features its proprietary water dam feature. This beveled edge mat feature not only assists in preventing foot traffic from tripping over the mat, it helps keep water, dirt, grime, and debris inside the mat’s reservoir and off of the floor.  Because the WaterHog traps dirt and water inside the lower layer of the rug bed, you’ll never have to worry about it looking filthy or saturated with water.  Your rug may be holding a lot of debris and moisture, but you’ll never see it on the surface of your rug.  
  • Scrape and wipe pattern technology.  There’s a lot that goes into making an entrance floor mats effective.  At Ultimate Mats, we’ve been providing great quality floor mats since 2005, and we’ve seen a lot of rugs come and go.  WaterHog entrance mats have stood the test of time.  Over the years, WaterHog has developed some pretty impressive scrape and wipe technology into the patterns of their entryway mats. By experimenting with different patterning in the upper, polypropylene fiber of the mats, WaterHog has created patterned rugs that are able to effectively wipes and scrapes shoes as it is walked upon.  This means your patrons are cleaning their shoes prior to entering your establishment simply by walking on your entryway mat.  

That dirt, moisture, and debris is then sent to the bottom of the WaterHog mat to be held in the reservoir, and the water dam border holds any of it from leaking out the sides and making its way to the surrounding floor.  You’ll also never find the dirt and grime trapped by the WaterHog under the mat itself.  

  • Heavy-duty Rubber-backing sticks and stays put.  If you’re concerned that your WaterHog mat might slip and slide, you needn’t worry.  

No matter how full of dirt and/or moisture your WaterHog mat becomes, you’ll never have to worry about it sliding out of place.  You’ll also never need to worry about water leaking through to the underside of the mat and causing potential damage to the flooring underneath.  

  • Size and style options.  Some classic entrance mats may say they are customizable, but at Ultimate Mats, we know that truly customizable floor mats means you get to pick from over twenty different sizes, a wide range of colors to accentuate your business’s existing color pallet, and different texture technologies to properly meet your needs.  Additionally, WaterHog mats can be printed with your business logo or brand name, which is a great way to create instant brand familiarity with your patrons as soon as they pass through your doors.  

Ultimate Mats has been delivering high quality, hard-working WaterHog mats for years.  We know the floor mat industry and we trust WaterHog to deliver on its promises.  If you want an entrance way mat that can hold water without the risk of leaking, WaterHog is the mat you want.  You won’t have to compromise style for functionality, either.  WaterHog mats are available in beautiful style and color options, and are fully customizable with your brand name and/or logo.  Using a WaterHog mat for your entryway is a great way to protect your patrons and your flooring from unwanted water, dirt, and debris.  

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