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The first impressions people make when they enter your business are of extreme importance. The old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” simply does not apply in a world where fierce competition demands you hold every edge possible over your competitors. As such, it’s important that your business depict an accurate representation of your core values, business model, and brand to your guests immediately upon their entrance. A solid way of delivering both brand familiarity and aesthetic appeal is by installing custom commercial entry mats. Two of the first three things customers and/or clients will notice upon entering any establishment are smells and cleanliness. While you might chuckle at the thought of a particular smell deterring business, it’s actually been proven that our sense of smell can sometimes elicit anxiety, or even our “fight or flight” response.

In other words, when we smell something bad, it triggers our brain to tell us to get the heck out of the area where we are experiencing the smell. A good example of this is entering a restaurant near the bar area. If the anti-fatigue bar mats have not been properly cleaned, or are not mold and mildew resistant, they can develop a really off-putting odor that can cause patrons to choose sitting at a high-top instead of sitting directly at the bar. A heavily soiled entry mat can have the same effect on the olfactory sense as well. A mat that is in ill repair, heavily soiled, or filled with stagnant moisture can develop mold, mildew, and other bacteria that naturally produce off-putting odors. This isn’t the meet-and-greet scenario with which you want to bombard your customers and clients upon their entrance into your store. If smells alone can deter customers and clients, it’s pretty clear that a visually dirty and unkempt floor room will also be a major deterrent.

As a business owner, your goal is to create a space where guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe. A pleasant floor room creates an atmosphere where guests want to spend time. Especially for retail shops, the desire of a guest to linger is paramount, as the length of time a customer remains in your store directly equates to their purchase amounts. An easy, low-cost way to keep your business aesthetically appealing and clean is to install commercial entry mats. In fact, this installation alone will not only prevent your floors from becoming soiled and keep your guests safe, it can also be an excellent way to create brand familiarity. Installing a custom logo entry mat does the double duty of keeping your floors safe and clean, and introducing your guests to the brand you’ve worked so hard to create and sustain. As we look further at the benefits of installing commercial entry mats, we’ll also consider the ramifications of choosing not to install them, and what problems and issues can arise from their absence on your showroom floor.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Entry Mats

We’ve already discussed that two of the first three things people notice upon entering a business are the smells and the appearance (if you’re curious, the third thing is the kindness of the employees). As such, let’s see how installing commercial entry mats can help you achieve both a store that smells fresh and one that stays kept and clean in between commercial cleanings. Let’s look at five ways installing commercial entry mats can benefit your business.

1. The smell factor. Did you know realtors often bake chocolate chip cookies in the oven of a home where they’re hosting an open house? This is because the scent of baked goods typically conjures up feelings of comfort, security, and belonging. What better way to introduce potential buyers to a new home than to instantaneously make them feel “at home” by welcoming them with scents that will trigger those feelings?Much in the same way a realtor uses the baking method, a business owner can use the power of smell to ensure customers feel their business is clean and safe. One of the biggest factors a business owner will always fight in keeping odors at bay is the materials that are tracked in through the door of their business. Whether a customer or client tracks in something ungodly on the bottom of their shoe, or debris and trash enter the store when the door opens and closes, the fight to keep unwanted odors at bay starts at the door. Installing a commercial entry mat can be a godsend in this battle. A high-quality entry mat will not only provide a comfortable way for your guests to enter the premises, it can effectively trap dirt, soil, and other odorous debris right on the mat, preventing them from being spread throughout your store. When the odors are trapped in one place, it’s much easier to clean and eliminate them.

2. Safety. If you think slip and fall accidents aren’t a big deal, you aren’t paying attention. Slip and fall accidents account for one of the five most common lawsuits filed against small business owners. Many of these accidents are completely preventable and happen as a result of improper floor mat placement, installation, and maintenance. Not only do you have a duty and obligation to protect your customers from slips and falls, you have a responsibility as an employer to keep your employees safe. Installation of proper commercial entry mats can prevent exterior moisture from entering upon the store room floor, creating potential hazards, and can also provide a safe place for guests to remove moisture from their shoes upon entering.

3. Cleanliness. Whether you spend time cleaning your shop yourself, have it professionally cleaned, or do a combination of both, commercial entry mats can help keep your business tidy in between cleanings. The use of an entry mat can also save you and your staff valuable time that would otherwise be spent sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Entry mats provide a place for dirt, debris, and grime from the outside of your building to collect instead of being spread on the floor of your business. A high-quality mat that has been properly installed, is large enough to cover the entry, and can withstand the amount of foot traffic it will see can significantly reduce and/or eliminate dirt and debris from making its way to the deeper interior of your store, which can create an aesthetically unappealing “dirty” look, not to mention introducing potential hazards to you, your employees, and your guests. It’s important to note that an entry mat should be able to handle the build-up of some dirt, debris, and moisture without appearing soiled itself. A high-quality mat should be able to withstand the amount of dirt it receives if it is crafted in such a way that dirt removed from the bottoms of shoes is pulled down into the bottom of the mat fibers and keeps it there until the mat is cleaned. This prevents the top of the mat from appearing dirty. A dirty-looking entry mat can actually cause people to walk around the mat if that option is possible, thus rendering the mat virtually useless.

4. Marketing. An often underappreciated benefit of installing commercial entry mats is their ability to do double duty. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, a custom logo entry mat can greet your patrons with your brand and create instant brand awareness and familiarity. This is also a great way to add to your store’s visual appeal; a custom logo entry mat shows you are a business owner that has gone the extra mile to create a beautiful space for your customers and clients to conduct business. It also shows you believe in your brand, and want your clientele to recognize your brand and whatever product or service you sell.

5. Floor protection. You hope your business doors will open and close numerous times a day, bringing clients and customers to your establishment to buy the products or services you offer. All that foot traffic, however, can create a lot of wear and tear on your flooring. Whether you’ve got carpet, beautiful antiqued hardwood, or even delicate tile, it’s important to protect the most heavily trafficked areas of your floor by covering them with proper matting. The use of an entryway mat will prevent the floor underneath from wearing out and needing replacement sooner than expected. Installing commercial entry mats is a necessary and smart decision for any business owner. Creating a safe, hazard-free, and clean environment are only some of the ways commercial entry mats benefit your business. Upgrading to custom logo matting can create a visually stunning first impression that greets your guests upon their arrival and immediately develops brand familiarity and awareness.

The quality of your entry mats matters. A great, high-quality entry mat should be able to stay in place, withstand the amount of foot traffic it sees, collect moisture, appear clean and remain odor free in between necessary cleanings. Ultimate Mats has a fully trained staff of professional matting experts that can help you determine the best size and type of entry mats for your business, so click through today and find the right fit for you!

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