Classic Solutions Entrance Mats


Size Quantity/Price Each
12 to 1011 to 2526+
2ft x 3ft (24in x 35in) $38.00 $36.00 $33.00 $25.00
3ft x 3ft (35in-x-35in) $51.00 $48.00 $45.00 $41.00
3ft x 4ft (35in x 47in) $60.00 $56.00 $52.00 $48.00
3ft x 5ft (35in x 59in) $75.00 $70.00 $65.00 $60.00
3ft x 6ft (35in x 69in) $108.00 $101.00 $93.00 $87.00
3ft x 8ft (35in x 95in) $144.00 $134.00 $124.00 $115.00
3ft x 10ft (35in x 118in) $150.00 $140.00 $129.00 $120.00
3ft x 12ft (35in x 143in) $216.00 $201.00 $186.00 $172.00
3ft x 16ft (35in x 188in) $288.00 $269.00 $250.00 $231.00
4ft x 6ft (45in x 69in) $120.00 $112.00 $104.00 $96.00
4ft x 8ft (45in x 95in) $160.00 $149.00 $138.00 $128.00
4ft x 10ft (45in x 118in) $200.00 $186.00 $172.00 $160.00
4ft x 12ft (45in x 143in) $288.00 $268.00 $248.00 $230.00
5ft x 7ft (58in x 83in) $209.00 $195.00 $180.00 $164.00
5ft x 8ft (58in x 95in) $217.00 $202.00 $187.00 $170.00
5ft x 10ft (58in x 118in) $271.00 $252.00 $233.00 $212.00
5ft x 12ft (58in x 143in) $324.00 $302.00 $279.00 $254.00
5ft x 14ft (58in X 166in) $418.00 $390.00 $360.00 $328.00
6ft x 8ft (68in x 95in) $260.00 $242.00 $224.00 $203.00
6ft x 10ft (68in x 119in) $324.00 $302.00 $279.00 $254.00
6ft x 12ft (68in x 143in) $430.00 $401.00 $371.00 $337.00
6ft x 15ft (68in x 179in) $538.00 $502.00 $464.00 $422.00

Made in USA Blue v

Classic Solutions Entrance mats feature a SBR rubber backing that is slip-resistant and a solution-dyed nylon carpet surface designed to stop dust, dirt, and moisture at your door and provide a safe walking surface. Resilient – High-twist, heat-set nylon resists crushing to better trap dirt and extend the useful life of the mat Fade-Resistant – Solution-dyed nylon is fade-resistant and impervious to bleach Safe – Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

  • Black Mink*-47Black Mink*-47
  • Black**-66Black**-66
  • Blue/Black*-71Blue/Black*-71
  • Brown Heather**-56Brown Heather**-56
  • Brown/Black-48Brown/Black-48
  • Charcoal Heather**-57Charcoal Heather**-57
  • Cheyenne Red-16Cheyenne Red-16
  • Dark Green*-53Dark Green*-53
  • Deeper Navy*-51Deeper Navy*-51
  • Golden Brown**-64Golden Brown**-64
  • Midnight Grey**-67Midnight Grey**-67
  • Oxford Grey*-63Oxford Grey*-63
  • Quarry*-64Quarry*-64
  • Red Heather-55Red Heather-55
  • Red Pepper**-76Red Pepper**-76
  • Slate Grey**-65Slate Grey**-65
  • Starry Night-58Starry Night-58
  • Clear

    Mat Colors

    Place cursor over color swatches to see color name and number. *These colors are available up to 5’ widths | ** These colors are available up to 5’ and 6’ widths | all other colors only come in 4 ‘ and below widths.

    • 47-Black_Mink
    • 66-Black
    • 71-Blue_Black
    • 48-Brown_Black
    • 57-Charcoal_Heather
    • 16-Cheyenne_Red
    • 53-Dark_Green
    • 51-Deeper_Navy
    • 64-Golden_Brown
    • 67-Midnight_Grey
    • 63-Oxford_Grey
    • 55-Red_Heather
    • 76-Red_Pepper
    • 65-Slate_Grey
    • 75-Wine
    • 61-Brown_Heather
    • 64-Quarry
    • 58-Starry_Night

    Classic Solutions Entrance mats are designed to capture dust, dirt, and moisture while providing a safe walking surface. These mats are made to endure as they are fade resistant, traction certified, and impervious to bleach

    Fiber: Solution-dyed type 6 nylon
    Construction: Cut pile
    Weight: 23 ounces/yard2
    Substrate: Freudenberg LUTRADUR polyester spunbond non-woven fabric (3.8 ounces/yard2)


    Material: SBR rubber (smooth, universal cleated, full cleat, or suction)
    Thickness: 48-mil (body thickness 48-mil; border thickness 90-mil)
    Material: Nitrile rubber (smooth, universal cleated, full cleat, or suction)
    Standard duty 52-mil (body thickness 52-mil; border thickness 94-mil)
    Medium duty 65-mil (body thickness 65-mil; border thickness 107 mil)
    Heavy duty 90-mil (body thickness 90-mil; border thickness 90-mil)

    OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: 3/8 inch (0.375″)


    • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
    • Passes flammability standard DOC FF1-70
    • Safe – Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
    • Fade and Slip Resistant
    • Captures Dirt and Moisture to Maintain a Safe Walking Surface
    • Impervious to Bleach
    Mat Size

    2ft x 3ft (24in x 35in), 3ft x 3ft (35in-x-35in), 3ft x 4ft (35in x 47in), 3ft x 5ft (35in x 59in), 3ft x 6ft (35in x 69in), 3ft x 8ft (35in x 95in), 3ft x 10ft (35in x 118in), 3ft x 12ft (35in x 143in), 3ft x 16ft (35in x 188in), 4ft x 6ft (45in x 69in), 4ft x 8ft (45in x 95in), 4ft x 10ft (45in x 118in), 4ft x 12ft (45in x 143in), 5ft x 7ft (58in x 83in), 5ft x 8ft (58in x 95in), 5ft x 10ft (58in x 118in), 5ft x 12ft (58in x 143in), 5ft x 14ft (58in X 166in), 6ft x 8ft (68in x 95in), 6ft x 10ft (68in x 119in), 6ft x 12ft (68in x 143in), 6ft x 15ft (68in x 179in)


    Black Mink*-47, Black**-66, Blue/Black*-71, Brown Heather**-56, Brown/Black-48, Charcoal Heather**-57, Cheyenne Red-16, Dark Green*-53, Deeper Navy*-51, Golden Brown**-64, Midnight Grey**-67, Oxford Grey*-63, Quarry*-64, Red Heather-55, Red Pepper**-76, Slate Grey**-65, Starry Night-58


    Cleated Backing (on carpet), Smooth Backing (on hard flooring)

    Corner Type

    Square, Curved

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