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6 Reasons You Need a Waterhog Mat

Did You Know? One in five falls causes serious injury, with over 800,000 patients a year getting hospitalized because of a fall injury. If you have a building that the general public uses, then you’ll want to reduce the risk of someone falling while on your property. A WaterHog mat can do just that.  These mats are more than just a slip and fall preventer, though. They are an opportunity to set your building’s...

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What to Know Before Buying Commercial Entry Mats

As a business owner, you want to outfit your establishment with the highest quality products available without overextending your budget. Ensuring your premises are kept safe, attractive, and clean are three important aspects of running a good business. In fact, there are definitely some standards that you must consider as a business owner to be in compliance with OSHA for the protection of you, your employees, and your clients...

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