Hog Heaven 5/8in Black Border


Size Quantity/Price Each
12 to 1011 to 2526+
2ft x 3ft (23in x 35in) $58.00 $57.00 $56.00 $55.00
2ft x 6ft (24in x 70in) $125.00 $122.00 $120.00 $115.00
2ft x 8ft (24in x 95in) $158.00 $156.00 $154.00 $150.00
2ft x 10ft (24in x 118in) $197.00 $195.00 $190.00 $187.00
3ft x 5ft (32in x 58in) $140.00 $138.00 $135.00 $127.00
3ft x 6ft (32" x 69") $175.00 $173.00 $168.00 $165.00
3ft x 8ft (32in x 94in) $239.00 $225.00 $210.00 $207.00
3ft x 10ft (32in x 119in) $292.00 $279.00 $259.00 $255.00
3ft x 12ft (32in x 142in) $334.00 $330.00 $306.00 $303.00
4ft x 6ft (46in x 69in) $224.00 $213.00 $204.00 $181.00
4ft x 8ft (46in x 96in) $315.00 $312.00 $309.00 $302.00
4ft x 10ft (45in x 118in) $400.00 $397.00 $395.00 $390.00
4ft x 12ft (45in x 142in) $474.00 $430.00 $401.00 $398.00
4.8ft x 8ft (58in x 95in) $455.00 $435.00 $41.00 $369.00

Get the great benefits of a standing desk without feeling worn-down at day’s end by using a Hog Heaven Black Border Anti-Fatigue Mat. This 5/8-inch thick standing mat has a special design that promotes blood flow in your extremities. Doing so reduces fatigue in your feet, legs, neck and back, which lowers the risk of soreness and injury. It’s the perfect solution to be healthier and more productive at a home or office desk. The Nitrile rubber and PVC construction are also approved for use around oils, chemicals and sparks, making it a popular choice for auto mechanics and welders.

You’ll feel great after a shift when you’ve been standing on a fatigue-reducing mat. Each mat is certified slip-resistant and passes national flammability standards. The textured surface uses 15% recycled rubber, so the mat is more environmentally friendly. Ultimate Mat offers several sizes of this mat for desks and workstations. There are even Hog Heaven anti-fatigue runners for bartenders. We have been a floor mat authority since 2005 and offer the best customer service to make sure you get the right standing mat for your needs.

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When your employees must be on their feet all day, invest in Hog Heaven Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue mat to support their health and productivity. They are extra-cushioned and slip resistant, ideal for use in machine shops, warehouses, auto shops, retail shops, and more. Increase your company’s comfort and reduce work-related injuries with these anti-fatigue mats!

Overall Mat Thickness: 5/8″

Type: 100% Nitrile Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
Thickness: .120”
Durometer: 65
Tensil: 1100 PSI

Type: Nitrile Closed Cell Foam
Density: 5.5 to 7.5 lbx/ft3
Water Absorption: ASTM D 1667- .01 lb/sq ft maximum
Temperature Use: ASTM D 1056- Cold Crack: -20 degrees F
High: 200 Degrees intermittent exposure

o PassesFlammabilityStandardDOC-FF-1-70
o Passes ATTCC Test method 134-1996 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets: Maximum Voltage Negative 0.7 KV
o Electrically Conductive
Surface to Ground 50% Relative Humidity 1.7 x 10^4 OHMS
Surface to Ground 12% Relative Humidity 2.9 x 10^4 OHMS
Surface to Surface 50% Relative Humidity 2.6 x 10^4 OHMS
Surface to Surface 12% Relative Humidity 4.9 x 10^4 OHMS
o ASTM C1028-96 Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry – .92 Wet = .86
o Welding safe
o Certified Slip Resistant by The National Floor Safety Institute

  • Slip Resistant and Safe
  • Resistant to Cracking, Curling, and Chemicals
  • Anti-Fatigue to Support your Staff and Visitors’ Comfort
Mat Size

2ft x 3ft (23in x 35in), 2ft x 6ft (24in x 70in), 2ft x 8ft (24in x 95in), 2ft x 10ft (24in x 118in), 3ft x 5ft (32in x 58in), 3ft x 6ft (32" x 69"), 3ft x 8ft (32in x 94in), 3ft x 10ft (32in x 119in), 3ft x 12ft (32in x 142in), 4ft x 6ft (46in x 69in), 4ft x 8ft (46in x 96in), 4.8ft x 8ft (58in x 95in), 4ft x 10ft (45in x 118in), 4ft x 12ft (45in x 142in)

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