WaterHog Classic Diamond


Size Quantity/Price Each
12 to 1011 to 2526+
2ft x 3ft (24in x 35in) $60.00 $56.00 $51.00 $32.00
3ft x 4ft (35in x 45in) $82.00 $76.00 $70.00 $64.00
3ft x 5ft (35in x 59in) $101.00 $93.00 $86.00 $80.00
3ft x 6ft (35in x 71in) $121.00 $112.00 $103.00 $97.00
3ft x 8.4ft (35in x 101in) $190.00 $175.00 $162.00 $152.00
3ft x 10ft (35in x 118in) $201.00 $185.00 $171.00 $161.00
3ft x 12.2ft (35in x 147in) $276.00 $254.00 $235.00 $221.00
3ft x 16ft (35in x 191in) $362.00 $334.00 $308.00 $290.00
3ft x 20ft (35in x 239in) $454.00 $418.00 $386.00 $364.00
4ft x 6ft (45in x 70in) $160.00 $148.00 $136.00 $128.00
4ft x 8.4ft (45in x 101in) $247.00 $228.00 $210.00 $198.00
4ft x 10ft (45in x 118in) $264.00 $243.00 $225.00 $212.00
4ft x 12.2ft (45in x 143in) $368.00 $339.00 $313.00 $295.00
4ft x 16ft (45in x 191in) $483.00 $445.00 $411.00 $387.00
4ft x 20ft (45in x 239in) $604.00 $556.00 $514.00 $484.00
6ft x 6ft (70in x 70in) $270.00 $249.00 $230.00 $216.00
6ft x 8.4ft (71in x 101in) $379.00 $349.00 $323.00 $304.00
6ft x 12.2ft (71in x 143in) $552.00 $508.00 $470.00 $442.00
6ft x 16ft (71in x 193in) $724.00 $667.00 $616.00 $580.00
6ft x 20ft (71in x 239in) $903.00 $831.00 $768.00 $723.00

WaterHog Logo VMade in USA Blue v

Elegant style meets superior debris-trapping. The WaterHog Classic Diamond Mat delivers an impressive diamond pattern aesthetic with tough durability and revolutionary water management. This mat is also eco-friendly made from Eco-Friendly – PET fabric (24 ounces yard2) is made from at least 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic, and SBR rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires. What better way to welcome your customers or visitors than with a diamond entrance mat!

  • Bluestone-158Bluestone-158
  • Bordeaux-160Bordeaux-160
  • Camel-150Camel-150
  • Charcoal-154Charcoal-154
  • Dark Brown-152Dark Brown-152
  • Evergreen-159Evergreen-159
  • Medium Blue-156Medium Blue-156
  • Medium Brown-151Medium Brown-151
  • Medium Grey-157Medium Grey-157
  • Navy-161Navy-161
  • Red/Black-155Red/Black-155
  • Solid Red-165Solid Red-165
  • Clear

    Mat Colors

    To enlarge color and see name of color place cursor over color / if using phone or tablet hold down on color.
    *The color 165-Solid Red is only available on the 3ft and 4ft sizes.

    • 150 Camel
    • 152 Dark Brown
    • 154 Charcoal
    • 155 Red Black
    • 156 Medium Blue
    • 157 Medium Grey
    • 158 Bluestone
    • 159 EverGreen
    • 160 Bordeaux
    • 161 Navy
    • 165 Red

    WaterHog Logo V
    If you’re looking for a mat that has the best debris-trapping ability and elegant style, you’ll find it with the WaterHog Classic Diamond Mat. The amazing diamond pattern surface, with ridges that alternately zig and zag, is for more than just looks. These ridges scrape off any water or dirt it touches and then traps them beneath the surface, so the diamonds don’t get soiled.

    A revolutionary water dam border also prevents spillage so both sides of your entryway stay clean. These WaterHog mats are green and eco-friendly with 100% recycled surface fabric and a rubber backing that contains up to 20% recycled vehicle tires.

    Add the WaterHog Diamond Classic doormat to any indoor or outdoor entryway for an unmatched welcome. The mat has a commercial rubber border for offices and hotels yet still looks amazing in a home. (It’s also available with a fabric fashion border.) We have 19 sizes and 12 colors, so your made-to-order mat will be exactly the way you want it. Ultimate Mats is simply where to buy a WaterHog entrance floor mat at the best price with free shipping in the lower 48 states. We’ve been a family-owned business since 2005 with premium brands that you trust. See all the WaterHog mats styles we have to offer: https://ultimatemats.com/waterhog-entry-mats

    Fiber Type: Eco-Friendly – PET fabric is made from at least 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic
    Weight: 24 ozs./sy.
    Nub Height: 1/4”
    Design: Diamond
    Border: Classic Diamond-Rubber, Fashion Diamond-Fashion

    Type: SBR Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
    Thickness: .110”: – Border .190” – Nubs .050” – Between Nubs
    Durometer: 60
    Tensil: 1400 PSI

    o PassesFlammabilityStandardDOC-FF-1-70
    o Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute

    • Indoor/Outdoor covered Mat With a Ridged Diamond Construction and Rubber Water Dam Border to Contain Dirt and Moisture
    • Eco-Friendly – PET fabric (24 ounces yard2) is made from at least 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic, and SBR rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires.
    • Slip Resistant
    Mat Size

    2ft x 3ft (24in x 35in), 3ft x 4ft (35in x 45in), 3ft x 5ft (35in x 59in), 3ft x 6ft (35in x 71in), 3ft x 8.4ft (35in x 101in), 3ft x 10ft (35in x 118in), 3ft x 12.2ft (35in x 147in), 3ft x 16ft (35in x 191in), 3ft x 20ft (35in x 239in), 4ft x 6ft (45in x 70in), 4ft x 8.4ft (45in x 101in), 4ft x 10ft (45in x 118in), 4ft x 12.2ft (45in x 143in), 4ft x 16ft (45in x 191in), 4ft x 20ft (45in x 239in), 6ft x 6ft (70in x 70in), 6ft x 8.4ft (71in x 101in), 6ft x 12.2ft (71in x 143in), 6ft x 16ft (71in x 193in), 6ft x 20ft (71in x 239in)


    Bluestone-158, Bordeaux-160, Camel-150, Charcoal-154, Dark Brown-152, Evergreen-159, Medium Blue-156, Medium Brown-151, Medium Grey-157, Navy-161, Red/Black-155, Solid Red-165


    Cleated Backing (on carpet), Smooth Backing (on hard flooring)

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