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Commercial Floor Mats

ColorStar-Impressions-HD floor mat featuring a picture of a car

Making That First Impression Count

While businesses would never willingly create a bad first impression with customers or visitors, did you know that great first impressions are rarely about service?  Many customers rank employee friendliness and overall cleanliness as top reasons they choose initial positive vibes.  So that means that regardless of what happens after the first minute when someone walks through your organisation’s doors, the initial impressions are already established. And in this article we’ll take...

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person standing on a floor mat

Best Mats For Businesses

Maintaining a clean workplace does not require an extensive janitorial staff. Strategically placed mats throughout your facility will ensure that your floors stay clean and clear of fall hazards. A logo mat placed at the main entrance of your office will begin the process by essentially scrubbing your visitors’ feet and providing additional advertising. WaterHog Logo Inlay, ColorStar Impressions, ColorStar Impressions HD, and SuperScrape Impressions logo mats will provide a...

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