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WaterHog Mats

person stepping through door with a waterhog mat under foot

Can WaterHog Mats Be Used Outside?

You do everything possible to protect the integrity of your business, including making sure that your building is clean, orderly, and free from potential hazards for your patrons.  As such, you know one of the best ways to keep your floors safe and free from dirt, debris, and standing water is to install entrance floor mats.  A great entryway mat, like the kind available from Ultimate Mats, can reduce the...

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closeup of the legacy eco mat with fashion and classic border

Waterhog Mats Buyers Guide

General Entrance Mat Considerations The following are general questions you should take into consideration before purchasing entrance mats. Once you have the answers to these concerns for your business, youll be better prepared to purchase mats that fit your needs and uses. Style, Size, And Shape Mats are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes and designs. Designs and styles cover a wide variety of fabric patterns. Some people stick...

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