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It is safe to say that nobody likes dirt or muddy water being traipsed through their home or workplace – it can allow bacteria in from outside, damage your flooring and generally look unsightly. For people who live in wetter, muddier areas, it can be even worse. Thankfully, innovative technology in the form of WaterHog Mats as sold by the Ultimate Mats team, could be the answer, allowing you to effortlessly clean your shoes – however dirty they may be – without damaging the material of the mat. But how?

How WaterHog Mats Scrape Debris From Shoes

WaterHog close up of construction

WaterHog Mats feature an inventive waffle pattern, with grooves to help scrape any debris or water off your shoes. As it is intended for heavy-duty foot traffic, the PET or polypropylene facing fabric does not easily wear, allowing you to avoid the risk of your mat becoming damaged. Another ingenious feature of these mats is that of the fast-drying material, meaning you no longer have to worry about the smell of damp fabric in your hallway. This makes these mats ideal for colder areas that are prone to storms and heavy snow.

Sub-surface backing nubs mean that, unlike with less specialised mats, these will offer added protection and grip – offering peace of mind for people with elderly relatives, who could be more likely to slip over. If you are concerned about the aforementioned dirt and debris leaking off of the mat and onto the floor, a conveniently-placed raised border has you covered, containing any unwanted particles with ease. 

What’s more is that the anti-static feature included within these mats eliminates the risk of workers or homeowners receiving electric shocks. If your work involves lots of electrical equipment, anti-static mats help to offer protection and security in wet weather conditions, ensuring no stray leaks go near any wiring. 

The Mat That’s Kinder to the Planet

WaterHog Mats are also crafted from up to 20% recycled materials, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that your purchase has been kind to the planet. With a range of colours and sizes available, these fully-customizable mats can be incorporated into any home or office colour scheme, highlighting that durability can come hand-in-hand with style. 

You should never compromise when it comes to safety, and whether you are investing in a WaterHog mat for an office building or a family home, the impressive results will be the same. With so many different variations of the WaterHog Mat to choose from, we are confident that you will find one to suit your requirements. 

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