WaterHog Eco Grand Premier Two End 4ft x 12.6ft (44.65in x 149.75in)


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Exceptional performance and extraordinary beauty. An amazing mat series combining all of the performance of our WaterHog Premier mat with an innovative rubber-reinforced face design and a green-friendly face. The WaterHog Premier mat is constructed of 100% post consumer recycled P.E.T. polyester fiber system reclaimed from plastic bottles providing a mat surface with an attractive look that’s easy to maintain. The beautiful face design can be configured three different ways- a half oval pattern, a rectangle with the half oval on one end, and a rectangle with half an oval on each end. Additionally, WaterHog Eco Grand Premier mats have a 100% rubber backing that contains 15% to 20% post-consumer recycled car tire rubber.

  • 70-Black Smoke70-Black Smoke
  • 71-Indigo71-Indigo
  • 72-Southern Pine72-Southern Pine
  • 73-Grey Ash73-Grey Ash
  • 74-Maroon74-Maroon
  • 75-Chestnut Brown75-Chestnut Brown
  • 76-Khaki76-Khaki
  • 77-Regal Red77-Regal Red
  • Cleated (on carpet)Cleated (on carpet)
  • Smooth (on hard flooring)Smooth (on hard flooring)
  • Clear
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    Adding elegant style to industry-leading floor protection, the WaterHog Eco Premier’s diamond design creates the ideal scraping surface to capture debris and water. The rubber is made from recycled materials, so this entry mat is upscale without being wasteful. With hundreds of color choices and sizes available, we can create the ideal custom rug to fit your business or home.

    Fiber Type: 100% post-consumer PET Polyester (recycled Drink Bottles)
    Weight: 30 ozs./sy.
    Nub Height: 3/8”
    Design: Diamond

    Type: 100% SBR Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
    Thickness: .160”: – Border .190” – Nubs .050” – Between Nubs
    Durometer: 60
    Tensil: 1400 PSI

    o Anti-Static
    o PassesFlammabilityStandardDOC-FF-1-70
    o Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute

    • Green-friendly
    • Fade, Slip, and Rot Resistant
    • Cleans Easily with Traditional Methods
    Mat Size

    4ft x 12.6ft (44.65in x 149.75in)


    70-Black Smoke, 71-Indigo, 72-Southern Pine, 73-Grey Ash, 74-Maroon, 75-Chestnut Brown, 76-Khaki, 77-Regal Red


    Cleated (on carpet), Smooth (on hard flooring)

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