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Yes, Waterhog mats are safe for hardwood floors.

The best option for any entryway is a WaterHog mat, and they are great on hardwood floors.

Here at Ultimate Mats, we know that if you have beautiful hardwood flooring in your space, you would go to practically any length to keep them protected.  

As such, you also know that some of the most ruinous things you can expose your hardwood flooring to are excess moisture and incorrect rug backings. 

There’s a trap here; a dangerous place into which hardwood flooring owners can fall if they are not careful.  

You want to protect your flooring from excess moisture, so naturally, you purchase a mat; however, if you buy a mat with a backing that isn’t hardwood-safe, you could be damaging your flooring more than if you’d allowed water to penetrate the panels in the first place.  

And in this article, we’ll explain why Waterhog mats are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Let’s dive in.

Why WaterHog Mats Are the Gold Standard for Hardwood Floors

WaterHog mats are the industry standard for entrance mats that are beautiful, easily cared for, safe, and protective.  

Here are some of the reasons why shop owners, business planners, and even homeowners are switching from their old entryway floor mats to WaterHog mats.  


Sure you can find an entranceway mat that works hard, collects dirt and debris, and soaks up a bit of moisture, but can you find a mat that does all those things and looks stylish?  You can when you purchase a WaterHog.  WaterHog entrance mats are available in customizable sizes, textures, and color options that make it easy to get a mat that fits your space and style perfectly.  

Additionally, WaterHog mats are even more visually customizable when you add your business logo.  A WaterHog Impressions HD Logo/Entry/Exit Mat provides an eye-catching entrance that your patrons will immediately notice.  This is a great opportunity to make a lasting impression with your clients and to create brand familiarity and visibility without spending a lot of time or money. 

WaterHog mats are made for indoor and/or outdoor use, so you can expect that a mat that can resist the outdoors will stand up to the test indoors as well.  


One of the main reasons you will purchase an entry/exit mat is for the safety of not only your guests but your flooring.  Our team at Ultimate Mats can help you decide on the perfect WaterHog mat to meet your safety concerns.  

An exit and entrance floor mat catches the dirt and debris from incoming and outgoing foot traffic so that it doesn’t make its way to your showroom or onto your hardwood flooring where you might be tempted to use a hard-bristled broom to sweep it off (which can be damaging).  

Water Resistance 

The benefit of purchasing a WaterHog classic for your entry/exit way matting needs is the ability a WaterHog has to absorb and retain water thanks to the water dam border.  A WaterHog can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.  That means you’ll hardly ever see water tracked in past your entry mat making it the perfect indoor/outdoor mat.  

Sure, you say, but won’t that water leak out the sides of the doormat?  Absolutely not.  All Waterhog floor mats are created with a proprietary water dam that holds moisture in a reservoir at the bottom of the mat.  This means you also won’t experience “squish” from the waffle texture when stepping on a full mat.  The water is retained closest to the bottom of the mat.

Unless your WaterHog mat is thoroughly soaked, the mat will dry out naturally on its own.  If it’s soaked, you can incline it to release the water.  You can also use a jet sprayer to spray the water out, which sounds counterproductive, but we promise, it works.

The Dilemma: Moisture vs. Mat Backing

The backside of your entry/exit way mat is just as important as the front.  

Not only do you need to ensure the mat won’t move around or slip and slide, but you also need to be certain it won’t damage your flooring.  WaterHog mats are unique in that they are available with two different types of heavy-duty rubber backings; cleated and smooth.  The cleated mat backing is designed for use on carpeted floors, while the smooth backing is designed for use on smooth surfaces, including hardwood floors, and as stair treads.  The 100% rubber backing is made from 20% recycled material and is not damaging to hardwood flooring.  It’s best to not use a cleated backing on hardwood simply because it will not grip the floor, as well as a smooth backed mat, will.  

Ease of Care.  

You can have a great mat that has all the features referenced above and it will not be worth the money you spent if you have to constantly clean and rearrange it.  Be careful, a lot of inexpensive floor mats look like a great value, but cannot withstand the amount of foot traffic sent their way.  They don’t wear well, the fabric picks, not stain resistant, and they look dirty and dingy within days of use.  

You won’t experience this with a WaterHog mat.  WaterHog mats are tough, anti-static, and look as good as the first day they are placed down for years on end.  You won’t need to clean your WaterHog very frequently, but when you do it’s a very simple process that takes hardly any time.  

WaterHog mats are completely safe for hardwood flooring and are the best option across the floor mat industry.  They are made of polypropylene making them durable, stylish, safe, and easy to care for.  Thanks for the nubs and waffle texture design, owning a WaterHog mat means never having to worry about dirt, debris, and excess moisture harming your hardwood flooring or causing your guests to slip and fall.  Our team of floor mat experts at Ultimate Mats can help you customize the perfect entry/exit way mat to fit your needs.  We offer over fifty colors of customizable logo mats that can be made even more personal with your business logo or brand name.  

For the best mats to save your hardwood flooring, select a WaterHog.  You’ll not only protect your hardwood flooring from excess moisture, you’ll be using a mat that is guaranteed to work hard to collect dirt and debris while being gentle on your floors.  

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