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All about Green Mats!

Utilizing recycled products:

Eco-Friendly Mats are good for the world and you. Approximately 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped in our oceans annually. So clearly, we all need to take steps towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Utilizing recycled products is one simple way we can be more considerate to our planet. Floor mats are an opportunity for businesses to show their support and be leaders for eco-friendly efforts. Ultimate Mats has a variety of eco-friendly commercial floor mat. Each Choice consisting of recycled materials, such as plastic water bottles and old tires. There are different percentages of recycled portions , but they are all green choices to help our world.

Eco-Friendly Opportunities for Customization:

Whether you are looking for a solid color mat or a printed mat with photo realistic quality, there is a eco-friendly choice. The Super Scrape Impressions (18.5% recycled content). It is a wise decision if you are hoping for a digitally printed mat design. This mat type is also slip-resistant and durable for heavy use. Another highly customizable option is the Waterhog Logo Inlay (15.3% recycled content). We have 18 available colors, and you can choose to include up to 5 in your mat. This mat is durable and slip resistant, even when shoes are grimy, dirty, or wet. Both mat types are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. You can have the unique personalized mat you desire in good conscience.

Showcase Your Company’s Eco-Friendly Values:

If every person would make small changes, tremendous environmental improvements would take place. By using a green mat, you are showing your clients that your company prioritizes following the scientific research and protecting our planet. You may not be able to redesign your entire business to be completely eco-friendly, but your green patrons will notice your efforts and you can feel confident in your contributions to the cause. Additionally, when you support businesses who manufacture eco-friendly products, you are showing support. The more readily utilized green products are, the more accessible and affordable they will become.

Experience Equal Durability:

In the beginning, many business owners were wary of purchasing eco-friendly products because of questions of durability. Thankfully, you do not have to sacrifice durability for environmentally responsible products. Our eco-friendly mats offer the same benefits as any other commercial mat—clean scraping technology, impressive aesthetic value, and skid-resistance. We have entry mats and anti-fatigue mats available for use in your business.

Feel Reassured About the Recycled Contents of Your Mat:

Recycled mats are typically made from everyday materials that would otherwise clog up our landfills, such as plastic water bottles, rubber tires, and old broken entry mats. By reusing these products, we are minimizing the impact of pollution, reducing our carbon footprint, and conserving earth’s resources by not using new materials. These mats are produced using machinery and methods designed to minimize carbon emissions. You can feel good about using an entry mat or anti-fatigue mat in your business that would have otherwise been in a trash heap hurting our world.

Keep Your Business Green and Clean:

Entry mats greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris that can be carried inside your business. Not only will an entry mat minimize the work for your maintenance crew inside, but you could also prevent a slip and fall. Keeping your guests and employees safe is important for many reasons, including avoiding costly litigation. The scraping technology of our eco-friendly mats will pull the dirt, debris, and moisture from shoes and lock it safely within the mat.

Prioritize Your Employees’ Comfort with eco-friendly anti-fatigue mats.

Many jobs require a lot of time standing. Anti-fatigue mats can greatly reduce the pressure on your employees’ bodies, improving their comfort and productivity. When you implement anti-fatigue eco-friendly mats, you are being kind to your employees’ needs and our world at the same time.

There are only benefits to going with green mats for your business. We are proud to offer quality eco-friendly options from M+A Matting to help our customers make green choices. If you are interested in learning more about the environmentally friendly mats available through Ultimate Mats, reach out to our staff or visit our website. Keep your feet clean and your business green! 

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