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Entrance mats are used by businesses of all sizes and types, and they can be used to help identify a specific business in a multiple occupancy building, and also provide branding and marketing benefits for the organization. To order your own Custom Logo Mat proceed to our overview page.

Benefits To Businesses

Cost effective and convenient: Most businesses already use an entrance mat, which means buying a logo mat is cost effective, and especially useful to small businesses that operate on a tight budget. They also help by providing a slip-free entryway and a cleaner floor.

No red tape and regulations: Erecting a giant sign outside a property may require planning and zoning permission. Adding banners to the exterior of a building may not be allowed according to the terms of building regulations. Logo mats do not require any planning, zonal, or building regulation applications making them more convenient for getting your brand viewable quickly.

Safety and cleanliness matter: The modern business world is one where a simple trip or slip can lead to litigation, and it is not pleasant for any employee or visitor to fall. A logo mat is, first and foremost, an entry mat and the rubber base design combined with nylon fibers means that the mat offers a safe floor covering, and somewhere for visitors to wipe their feet.

Mat Design

Logo mats can include a logo, company name, individuals name, or a tagline. Any graphic design can be converted into a workable mat design. Photos can also be included, such as the image of the company founder, or a celebrity associated with an organization. A photo of a major product, of the staff, or any other image associated with the brand can be used to help promote a business and its people.

A logo mat is designed to create an impression, and it has been proven that color plays a significant part in portraying a particular feeling to potential customers and to visitors. Red is seen as being powerful, green is environmental or natural, yellow is associated with happiness, and blue is considered to be the color of efficiency. Pink, purple, and pastel colors are relaxing and soothing, but you should avoid the mistake of using too many different colors, or using too much grey or white.

Other design mistakes to avoid include images with a gradual change in color, and images that are overly complex. The fibrous surface of the mats means that detail can become lost in the image, so if a very specific point of detail is important in your logo, it may not show effectively. Similarly, the use of too many words can also become confusing and distorted.

Branded Custom Logo Mats

Mats are located in an area where they will not have to compete for attention with other banners or signs. When a passer-by, a customer, or any other visitor to your premises looks down, they will see your mat and your mat alone. Because your logo mat is not vying for attention, this offers great potential for effective branding. In an area that has multiple company properties close together, this brand recognition can prove vital.

Choose an appropriately branded design, opt for the most appropriate style of custom mat, and place it carefully, while also including it in your regular cleaning regimen and given it a little extra attention, in order to get the most from your new customized logo mat.

Choosing The Right Mat Style

Logo mats can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the style purchased. The mat is designed to be slip free, absorbent, and some of the models are water resistant and petroleum resistant too.

Choose an outdoor mat like the Waterhog if you want a colorful logo displayed outside the main door of your building. The Classic Impressions model is better suited to indoor use.

As well as standard mats, you can choose heavy duty models like the SuperScrape. The heavy bristle scrapes mud from shoes and effectively hides it, while the materials used are not only waterproof but can be used in areas that are prone to petroleum, grease, or oil being present on the bottom of footwear.

Mat Placement

Choosing where to place the mat makes a big difference in how effective it will be. The most common options are outside or inside the front door of your premises, but there are other potential places they can be used.

Add a logo mat to the reception or lobby area of a building for greater branding, or place the logo mat in employee areas as well. Any area where potential spills can happen, such as by a coffee machine or vending machine, is also an ideal position for a custom mat.

Depending on your type of business, other opportunities may exist. A showroom can place mats in and out of the garage or workplace area, while some supermarkets and warehouses use the mats to give directions.

Mat Care

Logo mats are easily cared for, and by including them in the regular cleaning regimen for your building, you can ensure that they continue to look good without fading, losing fibers, or degrading rubber.

It is possible to have the mats steam cleaned, when you have any other carpet or other materials cleaned in this way. Similarly, the materials are tough enough, that hot water, a power washer, and even spot removal cleaners can be used on these items in order to get them clean. Regular maintenance will help prolong the life of the mat.

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