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A business lives and dies by its brand. Many of the small business which are struggling with brand recognition are financially unable to launch extensive marketing campaigns to drive customers to them. If you need to increase your brand awareness and visibility without substantial increasing your budget, there is an affordable and effective solution. The answer is: custom logo mats.

What is a custom logo mat?

A custom logo mat is an exterior or interior floor mat imprinted with a company’s logo or message. You have already seen this type of effective branding in franchises and corporate companies. However, custom logo mats are not only for large businesses, they’re important for every business, including yours!

How can a custom logo mat help my small business succeed?

Most small business owners tend to keep their company as lean as possible, especially in its early stages. When faced with making purchases, small business owners value things that are practical, pleasing, and priced affordably. Custom logo mats fulfill all these requirements to qualify as a smart investment for any small business owner.

A custom logo mat is practical.

A logo mat is a product which has two practical uses: protective floor covering and secondary signage.

As a floor covering, a logo mat placed in front of your door can help to protect the flooring of your business from dirt and water. This results in a cleaner and safer business. Excessive water causing slips and falls costs businesses millions of dollars each year in the United States. Logo mats can help you protect your business from the cost, and bad publicity, of major ligation.

A business with an easily identifiable brand and location has a greater chance to succeed than businesses which do not. Every business has a sign, but not every sign is effective. Whether your company’s poor signage is due to the expense of a large sign, or the restrictions placed on your business by its location, custom logo mats give you the chance to reinforce your brand awareness with a secondary sign.

Even if your company has good signage, a custom logo mat helps customers to easily locate the front door of your business. This is very helpful in situations when customers may be confused where they need to enter your business, such as in a strip mall or a building with multiple doors.

A custom logo mat is pleasing.

Whether your company is a kid-friendly restaurant or an upscale boutique, custom logo mats are designed to fit perfectly with your style. Presenting a continuous image, from from the sidewalk to the cash register, has been shown to improve customer loyalty, brand recognition, and sales.

You have complete control when it comes to the look of your logo mats. You can choose the background color, your company’s logo, and any additional message which you want to share with your customers. Custom logo mats provide a beautiful and meaningful greeting to every customer who steps through your door.

A custom logo mat is affordable.

Cost is often the final factor when it comes to small business purchases. The cost of a quality custom logo mat is lower than you think, and typically much lower than the cost of purchasing additional signage for your business. High quality custom logo mats provide business owners with an affordable method of creating brand awareness and getting customers through your front door. Remember, nothing is more expensive than losing a customer, or failing to attract a new one.

Start building your brand with custom logo mats!

Custom logo mats offer so many benefits that they belong in every business. They are a smart marketing decision, especially for small business owners looking for a big bang for their buck.

To see examples of businesses using logo mats to increase their branding and credibility, check out the custom work at Ultimate Mats. Contact the Ultimate Mats team for assistance in creating your own custom logo mats for your small business today!

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