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One of the easiest ways to create brand visibility, improve the visual appeal of your space, and do it all on a budget is by purchasing custom mats for your space.  For indoor and outdoor use, custom floor mats are truly a triple threat; they can market for you, keep your store clean, and keep your floors safe.  

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what a logo mat is, how they are made and what they cost.

Let’s dive in.

What Are Custom Logo Mats?

Custom logo mats are specialized floor mats that feature a company’s logo, name, or slogan. They are more than just decorative items; they are multi-functional assets contributing to a business’s branding, cleanliness, and safety. They come in various types, such as Berber Impressions HD, ColorStar Impressions HD, and WaterHog Impressions HD, each serving different functional and aesthetic needs.

How are Custom Logo Mats Made?

Printed Mats.

Printed mats are just as it says printed on a large Roll to Roll printer. Once printed they are cut to size and molded on to a rubber backing.

Inlay Mats

Unlike printed mats, inlaid logo mats are crafted with high artistry and technical precision. The process involves several key steps:

Design and Cutting

The first step is to cut out the areas on the mat’s field material where the logo pieces will be placed. This is done using a CNC cutting table, ensuring utmost precision in the design.

Logo Pieces

Once the field is prepared, the individual pieces of the logo are cut from one or more standard inlay colors. These pieces are designed to fit perfectly into the cut-out areas on the mat’s field.


Each piece of the logo is then hand-placed into the mat’s uncured rubber backing. To ensure durability and permanence, the rubber backings of these pieces are molded together.

Three Reasons to Invest in a Custom logo Mat

If you’re doing some upgrades to your shop to give your customers a better overall experience, you’ll want to find everything you can to create a better, more visually appealing design for the least amount of money. At the same time, you also want to utilize your budget for marketing, so it’s important to consider every option you have for spreading your brand visibility and creating familiarity with not only your customers but the general public.  One of the easiest ways to create brand visibility, improve the visual appeal of your space, and do it all on a budget is by purchasing custom mats for your space.  For use both indoors and outdoors, custom floor mats are truly a triple threat; they can market for you, keep your store clean, and keep your floors safe.  

If you’re concerned that the price of a custom mat size will be too high for your budget, we at Ultimate Mats would love the opportunity to earn your business and prove to you that they are more than affordable. While they are not free mats, they do accommodate many budgets.  Considering the small initial investment compared to the marketing the custom mats will do for you without you ever having to invest another cent, they will virtually pay for themselves.  

Before we discuss the cost of custom size and design mats, let’s look at the benefits of owning and implementing them in your business or building.  Here are three reasons custom mats are a great option for any size business.  


From a marketing standpoint, custom mats couldn’t be easier.  Custom mats require a very small initial investment and return dividends for years to come.  If you place a custom mat outside of your establishment, you will also gain brand visibility from passersby, not just your current patrons.  You can also be certain that custom mats create a great, visually pleasing entrance for your customers.  They’re also a great idea for use in places where people will naturally congregate and notice them; such as restrooms, coffee bars, water fountains, and waiting rooms.  


You want your business to experience heavy foot traffic.  Heavy foot traffic means more clientele.  However, you don’t want to spend half your workday cleaning your floors after this foot traffic enters and exits, and you don’t want your employees to waste the manpower on it either.  There is a solution.  Using an industrial-grade custom mat means you’re doing your foot traffic cleaning at the door.  Most custom mats will feature some type of wipe and scrape technology that effectively removes dirt, debris, and excess moisture from the shoes of your customers without ever having to wipe, scrape, or shake.  Simply by walking over the mat, their feet are cleaned and your floors stay sparkling.  Additionally, you’ll rarely have to do more than vacuuming a great custom mat.  The custom mats sold by Ultimate Mats are heavy-duty, dry on their own, and rarely need a deep cleaning.  


A custom mat is also effective in keeping your business safe.  If you aren’t using a mat at your entrance, the foot traffic that enters will bring along with it every manner of dirt, debris, and moisture (think sleet, snow, rain, and hail) into your store and onto your floor.  This leaves your aisles and congregation areas compromised.  Anytime you have any amount of debris on your floor, you run the risk of a patron or employee having a slip and fall or other related accident.  Simply using a non-skid, non-slip custom mat can prevent this occurrence from happening and give you, as a business owner, the peace of mind in knowing you’ve done your part to protect yourself and your guests.  

Aside from using custom mats for safety in your entryway, you should also consider them in other highly trafficked areas, or areas that can easily become soiled, such as restrooms, coffee bars, and waiting rooms.  The team at Ultimate Mats can help you thoroughly inventory your store or building to ensure you have the proper size custom mats placed strategically throughout your space.  

How Much Do Custom Mats Cost?

It can be hard to quantify the exact cost of custom mats.  There are many options to consider when looking at custom mats.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $1060-$3500 for a custom mat, depending on what options you select.  Here are just a few.  

  • Size.  Custom mats can be created in sizes ranging from small, single person mats (2’3’) to large, lobby sized floor coverings (12’20’).  Your size will be the base of your custom mat cost.  
  • Material.  You can purchase a custom mat in a material like recycled plastic, or something more elegant like Berber.  Based on the design you would like, you may be limited to the material from which you can choose.  Keep in mind that some renderings are not recommended to be placed on thicker, more porous material. 
  • Logo or Brand.  Naturally, your cost at checkout will depend upon your custom design.  Keep in mind that a logo is just the beginning.  You can opt for something in high definition, like a picture mat with a rendering of a photograph that appears crystal clear on your custom mat, or keep it simple and classic by choosing a digitally printed custom mat. Generally speaking, a high definition rendering will cost slightly more than a traditional screen printed custom mat. You will also have to keep in mind the mat color and color contrast of your logo, as this can affect cost.
  • Versatility.  You’ll want to make sure that your pre-cut custom mats perform as well as you need them to.  

Additionally, you want to make sure your custom cut mat is effective for cleaning and safety, so opt for a visually appealing workhorse with a rubber backing that is non-skid and non-slip.

Custom Logo mats are completely affordable and can bring you a serious return on investment when used for marketing and matting purposes.  The team at Ultimate Mats can help you outfit your business with custom mats that fit your budget and style, and last for years to come.  

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