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Never hate on a person’s collection. It’s bad form.

That may be the worst possible thing you can say to a collector. Because collecting is more than just a hobby for many people. Some enjoy the thrill of finding a rare item, while others see their collection as a monetary investment. People even seek out collectibles as a way of remembering their childhood, easing their anxiety, or connecting themselves to a specific time or place they love.

Instead of viewing collectors as strange, why not encourage their pursuits in a unique way – by getting them a logo mat from Ultimate Mats!

These logo mats make excellent gifts for collectors. This is especially true if you are needing a gift but don’t know whether a particular collectible is valuable and/or already in your recipient’s collection. Since you can imprint almost any photograph or digital image onto a logo mat, it’s easy to adhere to the collector’s genre while providing a unique gift that you know they’ll enjoy!

Here are some suggested images for logo mats for a variety of different types of collectors:

  • Coins – a huge pile of coins, or perhaps one of the rarest coins in history
  • Playing cards – an image representing their favorite card game (like solitaire) or a winning hand (like a royal flush)
  • Clocks – a collage of clocks, a clock with the person’s photo on it, or Salvador Dali’s “Melting Clock at Moment of First Explosion”
  • Art – a well-known painting; or for parents, a kid’s drawing as a sort of ironic twist
  • Sports cards – if you have access to the card collection, take a photo of the rarest card he or she owns for the mat
  • Insects – the creepiest type of bugs you can find, or an insect/butterfly display case
  • Snow globes – any “wintry” theme, or the phrase “It’s always snowing at [recipient’s name]’s place!”
  • Stamps – a collage of rare stamps, or the phrase, “Hey, ladies! I’m a philatelist!”

 Guests will be able to “stamp” their feet on the mat! (Get it? HA!)

  • Hats or caps – Phrases like “Feet here, hats in there” or “[recipient’s name] will always come at the drop of a hat!”
  • Matchbooks – a “Caution: Flammable” sign, or perhaps flames or a fire extinguisher
  • Comic books – the tagline for the collector’s favorite character, or the phrase “[recipient’s name] has lots of issues.”
  • Shot glasses – the phrase “[recipient’s name] will take your best shot (glass),” or a pile of broken glass
  • Beer steins – any beer-themed image or an Oktoberfest-themed design
  • Wine – wine bottles or glasses, or phrases like “[recipient’s name] is so classy, he/she plays wine pong.”
  • Guns – the barrel of a gun, bullets, or warnings like “Due to budget cuts, [recipient’s name] will no longer fire warning shots.”

 If this were the image you chose, you wouldn’t really call it a “welcome” mat.

Ordering a logo mat from Ultimate Mats is easy. Just pick out your image, photo, or design and put it into a digital format. Then email it to Ultimate Mats along with the type, size, orientation, and color choice of your desired logo mat. An Ultimate Mats associate will provide you with a proof of the mat’s image so you can approve it before you place your order. (Be sure to allow two weeks for delivery.)

So if you’re looking for a great gift for that “hard to buy for” collector on your list, check out Ultimate Mats’ selection of logo mats today!

Written by Chris Martin

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