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closeup of a waterhog mats with fashion and classic borders

Waterhog mats are one of the best mats you can buy for your entrance.

In this article, we’ll reveal and review the best features of a waterhog mat. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly why and how they differ from traditional mats.

Let’s dive in.

Why Waterhog Mats Matter

It may seem that selecting an entryway mat for your business is something on which you can cut corners.  After all, you’ve already spent a great deal of money on the interior and exterior of your place of business and floor mats almost seem like a necessary but non-important afterthought.  You can easily be tempted to purchase budget entryway mats because of their rock bottom prices, in hopes of saving a little cash and expecting them to perform the way a quality mat will.  Unfortunately, in the matting industry, you get what you pay for.  Thankfully, a great entryway mat isn’t very expensive and, as such, you should steer clear of low-end, low-cost considerations.  


Possibly the 2 biggest differences between a WaterHog classic mat and a traditional indoor/outdoor floor mats is NOT the materials with which they are both made but how they are made. What sets WaterHog apart from both non-commercial and traditional mats is the Bi-level design along with the molded dam around the edge of the mat. The crush-proof Bi-level is created by molding a raised pattern across the entire mat. This combination of moled dam and Bi-level surface, with the peaks and valleys effectively scraping dirt and moisture from shoes, and trapping it in the valleys beneath shoe level to prevent tracking into our Business . 

At Ultimate Mats, we’re pretty picky when it comes to mats that do their job.  That’s why we prefer the polypropylene blend used in WaterHog doormats.  This material is actually a type of plastic, and as such, it is able to withstand high traffic areas without crushing, showing excessive wear, or breaking down.  Polypropylene is also stain resistant, mildew resistant, and anti-static, which can prevent your patrons from experiencing that dreaded shock upon touching a carpeted surface!  Polypropylene is also a better material upon which to bear a logo.  The durability of the material makes it extremely difficult for the logo to be damaged due to fibers coming out or being a scraper or crushed into a different direction, which can ultimately distort your logo.  

Mat Backing

At Ultimate Mats we know the backside of your entryway mat is just as important as the front.  If the front introduces your business to patrons and gives them a visual first impression of your brand, the back reinforces your standard of care and quality by providing excellent protection and ensuring the safety of your guests.  All that in a mat backing?  You bet.  

A traditional mat backing is usually made from a material like latex or low-grade plastic.  These backings tend to not be non-slip, which is not only hazardous for your patrons, but also a major hassle for the persons responsible for keeping the rug rightly back in place.  Additionally, the backings of these traditional mats break down after a very short period of time, which can damage your flooring and create a continual, flaky mess.  

WaterHog mats are constructed with a heavy duty 100% heavy-duty rubber backing that is made from 20% recycled materials.  Rubber backed mats are generally completely safe on any flooring.  WaterHog mats are also available in two different backing styles; a cleated mat for gripping carpeted surfaces, and a smooth mat for smooth surfaced flooring such as floor tile and hardwood.  

WaterHog mats also stay put.  You won’t spend half your day moving the mat back or worried that a customer might slip.  These mats are heavy duty and have no trouble sticking to a surface without harming it. 


You can buy a traditional mat and expect it to perform like a WaterHog, and eventually buy a WaterHog when the traditional mat underperforms, or you can just go ahead and buy the WaterHog.  When comparing floor mat performance, WaterHog mats knock the competition out of the park.  

First and foremost, the WaterHog is so named because of its ability to withhold 1.5 gallons of water per square yard without leaking.  This is due to the proprietary water reservoir contained in a WaterHog mat and beveled edge dam that prevents moisture from spilling out and damaging the surrounding floor.  It also prevents water from making its way into your shop, which creates a major hazard for you, your workers, and your patrons.  A traditional mat cannot withstand the amount of water brought into a space that is highly trafficked.  The carpet-like fibers will immediately fill and begin to seep into the surrounding floor area.  Additionally, the water will infiltrate the seal between the mat and the floor, causing the mat to slip (even more than normally).  This is a recipe for disaster and not worth the $20.00 you might save by buying a cheap entryway mat.  


Just because WaterHog mats are workhorses doesn’t mean you can’t expect a huge variety of styles and surface designs like you find with traditional mats.  In fact, Ultimate Mats carries a vast array of WaterHog mats in customizable designs and sizes so finding the best fit for your space is never an issue.  

Traditional mats just don’t compare to WaterHog entrance mats.  For style, durability, performance, and safety, the only option for entrance floor mats is a WaterHog.  WaterHog mats are superior in materials, using only polypropylene surface blends and SBR rubber backing contains 20% post-consumer recycled rubber from car tires for non-logo and 100% nitrile rubber for the Logo mat backing.   The team at Ultimate Mats is available to help you decide on the perfect size and design WaterHog mat for your needs.  WaterHog mats are fully customizable and can be digitally printed with your company logo to make a lasting first impression with your patrons.  

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