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Classic Solutions 3x5 green entrance mat

As a business owner, you want to outfit your establishment with the highest quality products available without overextending your budget. Ensuring your premises are kept safe, attractive, and clean are three important aspects of running a good business. In fact, there are definitely some standards that you must consider as a business owner to be in compliance with OSHA for the protection of you, your employees, and your clients and customers. As such, even seemingly smaller purchases can require more time and thought than you expect. One thing you’ll need to outfit your property with is a commercial entry mat system. Effective at absorbing and collecting dirt and moisture, preventing slips, trips, and falls, and adding visually appealing beauty to your store, commercial entry mats aren’t something you should attempt to “go cheap” with. The commercial entry mats industry is polluted with products that claim to be better, more absorbent, or most cost-effective, but fail to perform as they claim. You can find commercial entry mats from numerous retailers, including large big box chain stores, and obscure online warehouses.

When you purchase commercial entry mats, you want to purchase something you won’t have to think about very often. Essentially, you want to buy them, place them, and forget about them. However, purchasing low-end commercial entry mats from a retailer that does not specialize in matting safety and does not cater to you as an important, individual customer, can result in mats that are ill-fitting for your space, are constructed poorly, don’t hold up to wear and tear, and look terrible after a few months of use. As such, here are some things you should know before purchasing commercial entry mats.

Commercial Entry Mats Offer Hazard Protection

One of the highest-trafficked areas in your shop is the entranceway. As such, many of the slip and fall incidents that occur within a business happen in the entryway and foyer area. While quality commercial entry mats can offer protection against these unnecessary accidents, a low-end mat that is ill-fitting, skids across the floor, or does not properly collect dirt and moisture can actually become a hazard. When purchasing commercial entry mats, here are some key safety features upon which you should insist: Durable grip, 100% rubber backing. Regardless of the floor beneath your mat, you should always purchase a commercial entry mat that has a rubber backing. Additionally, a mat that is certified as non-slip by the National Floor Safety Institute has been tested to the highest standards to ensure the mat does not “surfboard” across a floor, even when the floor is damp. It’s important to note that the floor beneath the commercial entry mat needs to be in good repair, and if it is not, you’ll need to ensure the mat is secure upon placement. Water retention. The best commercial entry mats will feature some method of retaining moisture tracked in by customers from rain, sleet, and/or snow.

Some of the best commercial entry mats feature a patented water-dam border, which effectively collects water from foot traffic and contains it in the bottom of the mat, away from the surface. This keeps the surface drier, and ensures the water does not spill out onto the surrounding floor area, creating a potential danger. Wipe and scrape surface. The surface of your commercial entry mats matter as a safety concern. The NFSI has determined that the surface of your entry mats should have wipe and scrape technology, which essentially means the fibers of the mat are durable and positioned in such a way that when a pedestrian walks across the mat, the mat wipes and scrapes dirt and debris from their feet, without the need for them to physically wipe their shoes themselves. Certification of High Traction. Another great certification you can look for in commercial entrance mats is an NFSI certification of high traction. This certification is given to commercial entry mats which have been tested when the surface of the mat is wet. The wetted mat surface must remain slip-resistant to receive this certification.

Commercial Entry Mats Offer Design Options

In addition to the safety features you’ll want in your commercial entry mats, you should also consider the aesthetics of your mats. Too often upon entering a store that is otherwise styled in a visually pleasing manner, you notice large, black, faded, and piqued floor mats that look soiled and overused. These types of mats instantly degrade the remainder of the store’s interior design. As such, it’s important to note there are other matting options available. Patterned, color dyed mats. The offerings are endless for mat designs, however when selecting the perfect commercial entry mats for your business, it should be noted that there is a distinct elegance with mats that have beautifully patterned textures. Not only does a patterned texture add depth to any room, but it’s also extremely effective in dirt removal. Customizable logo mats. A great option for adding style to your commercial entry mats is to let them do your marketing. There are some incredibly high-quality mats available for customization. Displaying your business logo and/or name on your commercial entry mats is a smart way to advertise your business and create brand awareness on an item you already plan to purchase.

Specialized shapes. You won’t have to settle for a plain, rectangular commercial entry mat if that isn’t what you want. There are numerous shapes and sizes of commercial entry mats available to suit your needs and your space.Half circle mats can be especially attractive when placed outside of an entrance. Commercial entry mats are a necessary purchase for the savvy business owner. Investing in a set of quality entry mats from a retailer that knows the matting industry inside and out will help ensure you get mats that meet safety standards, look beautiful, and prevent slip and fall hazards. Here at Ultimate Mats, we can help you select the perfect, high-quality mats for any business!

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