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A WaterHog mat is a premium flooring solution renowned for its exceptional water-absorbing and dirt-trapping capabilities. Initially designed for commercial use, WaterHog mats have expanded into the residential market, offering a range of decorative styles. They are the preferred choice for both business owners and homeowners seeking effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing floor protection.

So what, exactly, makes a WaterHog mat so special?  It would be easy to assume that all floor mats are created equally, and there’s no real difference between brands.  At Ultimate Mats, we know that to be untrue.   We’ve been selling commercial-grade floor mats since 2005, and we are proud distributors of the WaterHog mat.  We know the WaterHog inside and out and have your ultimate guide to all things WaterHog.  Let’s take a closer look at one of the industry’s most innovative and effective floor mats with the most discriminating tastes.

What Makes a WaterHog Mat Unique?

WaterHog mats are truly incomparable to their cheap counterparts.  As such, there are some things that make a WaterHog mat unique.  Here are some of the most impressive features of a WaterHog that you won’t find in many other floor mats: 

High-Quality Material.  WaterHog door mats are constructed with a polypropylene surface blended material that is tough as nails and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.  They also feature a matching fabric border.  Some WaterHog eco mats are made from 100% recycled consumer plastic bottles, making them not only tough but environmentally friendly as well.  This fabric resists crushing and breaking and is also stain resistant and mildew resistant.  The environmental consciousness doesn’t end on the mat facing, either.  The rubber backing is constructed from 15-20% recycled vehicle tires.  The mat backing is 100% rubber, making it a cut above other mats that use a blended material for their backing. 

The mat facing (the portion of the mat that you step upon) is designed with an exclusive wipe and scraping action technology.  This means the pattern and weave of the mat facing will automatically both wipe and scrape the shoes of foot traffic that passes over it without them actually having to physically wipe their shoes on the mat.  The WaterHog entrance mat does the wiping and scraping for them as they simply step onto and off of the mat.

The non-slip heavy-duty rubber backing of a WaterHog is designed with specialized nitrile rubber nubs that grip onto surfaces and refuse to move.  Waterhog floor mats are available with two specialized backings; one that is perfect for gripping onto carpeted or high pile surfaces, and one that is best for outdoor use on smooth surfaces such as concrete, wood, or floor tile.  This makes the WaterHog multifunctional in its ability to grip to multiple surfaces. There are even WaterHog stair treads perfect for slippery staircases

The material of the WaterHog is also effective at concealing dirt and debris that it removes from foot traffic deep beneath the surface of the rug until it’s time for the rug to be cleaned.  You may think this means the WaterHog will be a thicker mat and interfere with door clearance, but the WaterHog mat is typically about 7/8 in. thick. 

WaterHog Exclusive Water Dam Border.  WaterHog mats are famous for their ability to collect and trap moisture without allowing it to spill out onto the surrounding floor area.  Their patented water dam border effectively collected pooled water from foot traffic that may enter upon your premises due to ice, rain, sleet, or snow without spilling it onto surrounding areas. 

WaterHog mats can actually hold up to 1.5 gallons of fluid per square yard.  That’s a massive amount of water!  Additionally, WaterHogs dry quickly on their own.  This is of utmost importance as you do not want patrons stepping on a squishy, soggy mat before they enter your business.  Not only can that create a hazard, but it can also cause the mat to be unsightly. 

While you can certainly lift your WaterHog mat from the floor and drain it manually, we find most of our customers never feel the need to do this.  The WaterHog is designed to dry on its own in an effective and quick manner. 

Style.  WaterHog mats are the premier choice for business and homeowners alike who wish to use a powerful, dirt grabbing floor mat and still retain a certain amount of aesthetic appeal.  WaterHog fashion mats are available in numerous color options and designs.  Some WaterHog mats are available in nineteen different sizes and eighteen different colors.  This makes for unlimited size and color combinations that are available to fit any space and interior décor need. 

WaterHog mats are also available in different mat face weaves.  Different patterns and designs like a diamond, waffle weave, or squares are beautiful additions to any business or home.  The style design of WaterHog mats makes them a great option for businesses, but also a cozy and welcoming addition to any front porch or foyer in a home. 

What Type of WaterHog Mat Do I Need?

Ultimate Mats carries practically every WaterHog mat available in numerous different size and color options.  Our customer service agents are always ready to help you select the mat that is best for you based on your needs, space, amount of foot traffic, and decorative or marketing scheme.  If selecting a WaterHog mat seems a little overwhelming, here are four tips for narrowing down your search for the perfect WaterHog mat:

1: Decide on your needs. Sometimes you need a floor mat to do the dirty work.  An entryway mat is a great example.  You need an entryway mat so that dirt and moisture are collected from foot traffic before it enters your home or store.  Other times, you need a mat to provide a safe area for your customers to congregate (like near a water fountain or a coffee bar).  Determining why you need your floor mat will help you decide which WaterHog you need. 

2: Determine the amount of foot traffic. While all WaterHog classic mats are made from recycled plastic fibers that make them crush-proof, it’s important to figure out how much foot traffic your particular WaterHog mat will see.  If you have a heavy-traffic area, it may mean you need a longer WaterHog to better accommodate the amount of action the mat sees. 

3: Measure your space. If you are buying a WaterHog for an entranceway, you should measure the entryway.  Ideally, you want your floor mat to cover at least 80% of that space, up to and including the entire width of the entry if you desire.  You will want to make sure your doors have clearance to open and close properly with a mat in front or behind them, however, a WaterHog rarely interferes with such because of its slim-lined design. 

4: The depth of your WaterHog should adequately accommodate two steps. In other words, a person should be able to step once with each foot onto the mat before entering or exiting.  This allows the mat to be most effective in wiping and scraping dirt and debris from the shoes of your patrons or guests before entering. 

If you are measuring for a mat that will be located somewhere other than a doorway, measure the space it should cover and plan for the mat to meet at least 80% of that space with a depth great enough for someone to stand comfortably on the mat while using that area for its intended purpose. Commercial mats don’t have to be attractive, but it’s nice when they are. With a WaterHog, you never need to sacrifice style for functionality.  For commercial mats, there is simply nothing more elegant than the sleek surface design of a WaterHog in a color that perfectly complements your interior décor. 

A great option for business owners is the ability to screen print the surface material on a WaterHog entrance floor mat with their business name and/or log and slogan.  This creates brand familiarity and does a wonderful job marketing your business every time someone passes by the logo mat.  A screen printed, custom mat is a sign of a business owner who cares deeply about every aspect of his business, including the minute details.  The great thing about a custom WaterHog mat is that because their fiber construction makes them resistant to crushing, you never have to worry about your logo or design becoming distorted. Style is also not a problem for at-home WaterHog use.  The vast array of colors and styles means your WaterHog mat will never look commercial or industrial.  An at-home WaterHog can look cozy and inviting while still doing the same amount of hard work as its industrial-grade cousins. 

WaterHog mats are the industry standard for style, performance, and durability.  WaterHog mats are powerful dirt and debris grabbers, with specialized wipe and scrape fibers that do the job of cleaning shoes for the person that steps upon them.  WaterHog mats are durable; they do not crush under your feet and will last for years.  They are excellent at retaining water and are resistant to mold and mildew.  WaterHog mats are available in numerous size, color, and texture options making them appropriate for both home and business use. 


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